2014 marks the 27th Anniversary of The Salvation Army Bed & Bread Club® Radiothon the number one source of financial support for the Bed & Bread Program, which feeds more than 1.8 million and shelters more than 212,000 annually.

More than 5,000 meals are served each day to children, adults and seniors by The Salvation Army Bed & Bread Program, which includes Bed & Bread trucks that make stops in metro Detroit’s most depressed areas every day of the year. In addition, more than 600 men, women and children are sheltered by The Salvation Army’s Bed & Bread program every day and night of the year.

Our History...How This All Got Started. We began with a simple premise: by giving a small amount on a regular basis, a donor can help The Salvation Army fight poverty in practical ways and make lasting change. This year we are celebrating 27 years of the Bed and Bread Club. In that time, thousands of people have become members by giving at least $10 per month or $120 per year. And many thousands of lives have been saved as a result.

Our Mission...What Truly Matters Most. The Bed & Bread Club® exists to alleviate suffering by allowing donors to give specifically to programs which feed the hungry and shelter the homeless. We've set the program up so you can be assured your donation will be used for maximum impact and produce meaningful change in our community.

Programs Funded. Gifts to the Bed & Bread Club® support the operation of shelters, neighborhood feeding programs, after-school centers and mobile feeding by the Bed & Bread Truck.

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"The Bed & Bread Club® is our solution to the year-round problem of hunger and homelessness. By sharing meals and shelter, we meet an immediate need and give people hope that things can get better."


Dan's Story

When an illness hits, it often affects more than just the sick. When Dan Sheldon’s father fell ill in mid-2011 he stepped in, full force, to take care of him. This meant around-the-clock care and no time for a paying job. And when his dad was finally laid to rest, Dan made all attempts to keep their apartment, but there just wasn’t enough money. While flipping through the classifieds, he found a local homeless shelter where he stayed for more than a year. “They didn’t really help me, though,” said Dan. “We just sat there all day and went to church at night. When summer came around, they told us we could go to The Salvation Army in Royal Oak to shower. That’s where it all started.” Dan visited The Salvation Army Royal Oak Corps Community Center for a hot shower and a meal, but the support didn’t end there. Through the Royal Oak Corps, Dan has not only received food and shelter assistance, he’s also found employment at the Pontiac Corps Community Center doing maintenance work. The next step is for him to find a nice place to rest his head at night, and The Salvation Army is committed to helping him every step of the way. “Thank you to the volunteers and to the people who have donated. Thank you for what you did for me. It’s a whole new life,” he added. “[The Salvation Army] has shown me hope. [Those struggling] need to keep trying. Help is out there.”
Listen to his story here:

Constance's Story

Outcomes are true measure of our success. How does The Salvation Army help break the cycle of poverty, homelessness and hunger? The answer is found in the stories of those we serve.

Real life stories. The Bed & Bread Club® changes lives on a daily basis. Below are real life stories of individuals who were helped by The Salvation Army through the Bed & Bread Club®.

Video Above. Constance Hargrove is a single mom who lost her job during the economic collapse. Donations to the Bed & Bread Club help people like Constance get back on their feet and return to independence by providing two things we often take for granted: food to eat and a place to sleep.

"Each time we serve a meal or provide a bed in a shelter, we do so with the goal of achieving the greatest possible outcome. We focus on helping people become whole, healthy and self sufficient—fully contributing members of society.

Friends and partners who support The Salvation Army's mission make our work possible. We are 'Doing the Most Good.' And we are doing it together. The number one source of financial income for the Bed and Bread Program is our Annual Bed and Bread Club® Radiothon. This past February we were proud to partner with the follow

Whatever the gift...time, talent or treasure...your generosity goes a long way and helps countless people who are hurting.

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Jr. Bed & Bread Club® Teaching the value of charity to students while raising funds for the Bed & Bread Club®. To learn more, contact Dale Johnson at (248) 990-5607 or visit jrbedandbreadclub.com.

Volunteer If you'd like to volunteer on the Bed & Bread Trucks and/or at a Salvation Army location, click here for more information or contact Danielle Greco at (248) 443-5500.

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"Your support will bring food, shelter and hope to a person who might otherwise go without. When you give to the Bed & Bread Club®, you change the world for a child, adult or senior in need. "