The Salvation Army Church Partnership Committee invites you to our upcoming event:  Human Trafficking and the Heart of Illinois - Saturday, September 27, hosted at Grace Presbyterian Church in Peoria.  Join us as we explore the realities of human trafficking at home and abroad.  We will learn from leaders in the field with a goal of raising awareness, collaborating as a community, and finding practical ways to get involved as individuals and as a community. To sign up- click here, or on the picture to the right.

   9:00    Opening Session with Christine MacMillan - World Wide Reality of Human   Trafficking
 10:30    Coffee break
 10:45    Workshops
 12:00    Lunch         Free will offering will be collected to help defer costs.
 12:45    Workshops
   2:00    Workshops
   3:30    Closing Session with Christine MacMillan         Hope Still Exists

Delegates will have three opportunities to select from the following 5 workshops:   
Option 1:  The Reality of Trafficking in Central Illinois     Anne Shoemaker, Set Free Movement
Often the thought is "this doesn't happen in our small communities."  There is a pervasive belief that human trafficking is an urban problem.  Join us as we discuss the realities and tragedy of trafficking specifically in Central Illinois.
Option 2:  Agricultural Labor Trafficking  Miguel Keberlein, Legal Assistance Foundation Chicago (LAF)
Human trafficking does not constrain itself to the sex trade.  Join this workshop as we learn about human trafficking as it applies to the agricultural and service labor industries.
Option 3:  Trafficking and Trucks                Bill Brady, Truckers Against Trafficking
Traffickers exploit not only their victims but also trucking for their commercial gain.  And as part of the I-80 Corridor, the truckers in HOI are the eyes and ears of our nation's highways.  Join the discussion on how trafficking affects the trucking business and what practical steps can be taken against it.
Option 4:  Social Justice and Everyday Choices    Captain Katherine Clausell, The Salvation Army - Heartland Divisional Social Services Director
 A lot of little steps can make a huge difference.  This workshop will discuss the responsibility in small things that can lead to big change, exploring every day opportunities to combat human trafficking.
Option 5:  When Justice is the Measure  Christine MacMillan, Senior Advisor for Social Justice - World Evangelical Alliance
This workshop will discuss the book "When Justice is the Measure."  Join the discussion on what biblical justice looks like and how we, as believers, can measure ourselves and our lifestyle against that benchmark.