2014 Sounds of the Season Concert

Chicago Staff Band  - Sounds of the Seasons 2014
    with the Canadian Staff Band, guest artists
    Saturday, November 29, 2014 - 7:00 p.m. 
    Edman Chapel, Wheaton College (not a function of Wheaton College)

It is hard to believe that it has been 37 years since Bandmaster William Himes first took the baton as bandmaster of the Chicago Staff Band.  Sounds of the Seasons 2014 marks his final season with the band.  Therefore this year’s annual performance is extra special, featuring two CSBs:  the Chicago and Canadian Staff Bands in concert!  You won’t want to miss this historic evening of great music.. 

While they last, complimentary tickets are available.  Send your ticket request in right away through any of these methods:

  1. email: csb_tickets@usc.salvationarmy.org
  2. website: http://www.usc.salvationarmy.org/usc/csbtickets.nsf 
  3. voicemail: 847-294-2134
  4. fax: 847-227-5033
  5. mail: download PDF form

For a contribution of $50 or more you can be a CSB Patron (see attached order form for suggested donor tiers.)  Being a CSB Patron entitles you and those in your party to seating in the reserved patron section.  Your name can also be included in the program’s patron listing.  There is also a memorial section for those designating their contribution in memory of a loved one.  Patron listings must be received no later than November 18.  (You can also use the website to register as a CSB patron and make your contribution online at www.chicagostaffband.org)  

Patrons will also receive a CD recording of the concert.  We are anticipating that ticket demand will be very high so get your request in early!

All clips were recorded on Saturday, November 24th 2012 at the Edman Chapel in Wheaton, Illinois and are featured on the CD "Sounds of the Season 2012". Purchase the CD at http://shop.salvationarmy.org.

War Cry

Lift Up Your Voice

Who is He?

There is Music Everywhere

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2013-14 Schedule

April 26-27, 2014
Elkhart, IN

May 17-18, 2014
Pekin, IL

June 6-8, 2014
Commissioning Weekend

October 18-19, 2014
Joplin, MO


November 15-16, 2014
Detroit, MI (ARC)

November 29, 2014
Thanksgiving Concert
Special guests: Canadian Staff Band





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