Majors Jim and Judy Garrington
Territorial Evangelist and Spiritual Formation Secretary
Evangelism and Corps Growth Department
USA Central Territory


Judy’s grandfather was a pioneer Danish Lutheran churchplanter; Jim’s was a drunk. Judy had lived in a thriving metropolis of 130 people her entire life before going to college; the college dorm was already Jim’s 17th abode. Judy was focused on becoming a teacher, with the aim of missionary service through her church; Jim had no idea what he wanted to do with his life.

…except for one thing: he knew he wanted to serve God. Already by the end of his Freshman year he was elected president of the campus Christian fellowship and immediately began steering the (heretofore rather staid group) down active evangelistic paths. This was during that heady era of the Jesus Movement, and by late winter of Jim’s sophomore year the campus was showing signs of dramatic activity of the Holy Spirit.

Judy had been very active in her home church, as befit a future missionary. But what she saw happening on campus was new to her: this “relationship with Jesus” that students were evidencing was strange, but attractive. Soon she too discovered the warmth of living day by day with Jesus, and became a part of the working team of the fellowship.

 As they worked shoulder to shoulder to present Jesus to their fellow students, they realized that God had a future for them together. They were married at midterm their senior year.

Then the question: what exactly did that future entail? While Judy had earned two education degrees, Jim had changed majors five times. A trip to Europe had awakened an overseas call in him to complement the missionary nudges that Judy had felt since childhood. So the couple began looking for a mission agency. In time God revealed that The Salvation Army was the agency He had chosen for them. They entered Training three months later, and were commissioned directly as corps officers to Cologne, West Germany.

The Garringtons have had several American appointments, including two corps and the Pastoral Care department, but their ministry philosophy and style was formed during the 23 years that they served in Germany. They are comfortable with other cultures, languages and perspectives. They are keenly aware that people are all the same, and people are all different—and that all, regardless of their circumstances, need to find redemption in the living Jesus Christ.

Jim and Judy are used to traveling. Their three children and five grandchildren are scattered across three continents. 

Bible Studies, Interactive Sessions and Sermons

  • Suit Up! The Full Armor of God (Kids’ version) This study of Ephesians 6 is designed to familiarize kids with the resources God has set before them for successfully living as God’s people. It includes Bible lessons stressing the “Stand firm!” emphasis of this passage. Each extended session could (depending on schedule, staff and circumstances) include a Bible lesson illustrated by realistic replicas of Roman legionnaire equipment; a craft time to reinforce the lesson theme; a summary activity (usually a game); and a memory verse. Appropriate for DVBS.
  • “He is Risen Indeed!” (Easter Weekend) 
    • What happens at a Crucifixion (medical standpoint)
    • Resurrection: Experience the Unexpected
    • Peter Meets the Risen One
  • Overview of The Psalms Often called “The Songbook of the Bible,” the Psalms could also be called “The Prayerbook of the Bible.” Sessions may include: 1. The Basics; Hebrew poetry, prayer and worship; 2. A Look at some typical themes in the Psalms;     3. Being Open With God: How do they dare talk to God like that? 4. Praying the Psalms; 5. Singing the Psalms; 6. God’s Character found in the Psalms. 
  • Good $ense Budgeting Seminar (6 hours) Everyone in your corps can experience the joy of financial freedom. The Good $ense Budget Course helps participants discover tools and develop skills that enable them to control their finances, rather than allowing their finances to control them.
  • Network Spiritual Gifts Seminar (6 hours) Do people in your congregation have a passion for service? Here's a dynamic program that will help them fulfill their unique calling! This Willow Creek curriculum motivates church members to discover their personal gifts, style, and ministry so they can give back to God what He has given them.
  • Becoming a Contagious Christian (6 hours) People matter to God. You will discover why believers are called to be Contagious Christians, how authenticity, compassion and sacrifice help us relate to seekers, and how to clearly share the gospel with those you love.
  • Jesus for Sceptics Five sessions examining the reasonableness of faith in God and in Jesus, designed for people with a secular or humanistic mindset. Sessions include: 1. What does Faith have to do with Reason? 2. Who Is the Jesus? 3. Can Jesus really be God? 4. What Does God Expect of Us, Anyway? 5. It’s All About Relationship! Although believers would not be excluded from these sessions, they should only be allowed if they bring a sceptical friend. The sceptics should constitute the majority of the attendees!!
  • Spiritual Disciplines/Discipleship The practice of Spiritual discipline as a means of coming closer to God goes back to Old Testament times. These practices have helped Christians throughout the ages to focus on God, to overcome temptation and to be more effective servants. This study highlights the following disciplines: 1. Bible Intake;            2. Prayer; 3. Worship; 4. Evangelism; 5. Serving; 6. Stewardship; 7. Fasting/Silence/ Solitude; 8. Journaling and Learning.
  • A Tour of the Holy Land With Ray Vander Laan Travel via video throughout the Biblical Lands with this renowned Bible scholar. As you visit each site Ray explains the historical and cultural context, the role played in biblical history, and then draws a “Faith Lesson,” a practical application of biblical truth. There are several series to choose from, including:
  • Old Testament
    • God Heard Their Cry (up to 5 sessions on Egypt)
    • Fire on the Mountain (up to 5 sessions on the Exodus)
    • With All Your Heart (up to 6 sessions on the Wilderness) • Promised Land (up to 5 sessions on entering & possessing the Land)
    • Prophets and Kings (up to 6 sessions on, well, Prophets & Kings)
  • New Testament
    • The Path to the Cross (up to 5 sessions on Jesus early life)
    • Life and Ministry of the Messiah (up to 8 sessions on this topic)
    • Death and Resurrection of the Messiah (up to 10 sessions on the late ministry of Jesus)
    • Early Church (up to 5 sessions on sites in Acts and Revelation)
  • Discipleship Themes
    • In the Dust of the Rabbi (up to 5 sessions on NT teaching)
    • Walk as Jesus Walked (up to 5 sessions on selected topics)
    • Walking With God in the Desert (up to 7 sessions on themes of hope)
  • How to Study the Bible Learn the principles of personal and group Bible study using the Who? Where? When? What? and Why? questions of journalism. We will look at some of the different genres of Scripture—narrative, poetry, prophecy, letter, etc.—and apply these principles. Both personal and group Bible study practice will be covered. We will spend some time introducing basic study helps such as concordances, Bible dictionaries and commentaries, as well as explaining the differences between various translations.
  • Crash Course in the History of God’s People This can be done as a free-standing single session or expanded as desired. Based on a visual of outstretched arms, it begins with the right hand—Genesis—across Old Testament history and the inter-Testamental period to the coming of Jesus—dead center—the middle of your nose—extending throughout the history of the Church to the present—the left hand.
  • Some of the multi-session series can be adapted to fit a more compact time frame if necessary.
  • If there is a topic or specific issue you would like covered in your corps we are open to planning with you.

Other Ministry Opportunities

  • Annual Meetings
  • Workshops at Divisional Pilgrimages
  • Service Clubs
  • Christmas Kick-offs
  • Sunday Worship Services
  • Womens Ministries
  • Community Care Ministries
  • Visitation
  • Any weekly corps activity
  • What have we not mentioned?
We were Corps Officers for over 30 years and understand that every corps has unique needs. Talk to us about yours. One size does not necessarily fit all.

Scheduling Options

  • Tuesday through Thursday Seminars
  • Friday through Sunday Seminars
  • Sunday through Thursday Meetings or Wednesday through Sunday Meetings
  • Other: Call us! Let's see if we can make it work!


None – THQ will cover the cost of travel, lodging and meals en route.  The host corps or commands will provide meals for the Garringtons while they are there.

Booking a Campaign

Use the Online Ministry Request form to contact Major Jim Garrington to work out dates. Once accepted the process is automated to your Unit Commander and others who need to track the approval process. You will receive copies of the emails to assist you in knowing the status of the request.