Mission Statement
The Salvation Army Homeless Services is dedicated to serving homeless families and individuals who are in crisis and provide them the opportunity to address their barriers to living independently.  We are committed to empowering and meeting them at their point of need by providing housing, food, comprehensive case management, information/referral services, educational opportunities, career training and guidance, financial instruction and opportunities for spiritual growth.  This ministry is motivated by love for God.  Our mission is to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.

Each family or individual is assessed from a strengths perspective and focus is placed on what goals participants want to accomplish.  Everyone is treated with respect and in a non-judgmental manner.  It is our goal to provide services to meet their immediate needs, to address the root cause of homelessness and provide guidance to end this cycle.

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Program Description 

The Salvation Army's Transitional Housing Program for Families and Single Women provides housing and comprehensive services designed to address the barriers which have prevented our residents from living independently (financial, daily living and housing). In the financial area, services are focused on assisting participants in reducing their barriers by securing an income, developing a budget, reducing back debt & learning to live within their financial means. Mental health, substance abuse, domestic violence, parenting & physical health issues are some of the barriers that our participants address in the daily living category. Staff provides residents with support & connects them with community resources to reduce their barriers in this area. Obtaining/maintaining permanent housing is the final area of focus in this program.  Participants learn how to evaluate their housing needs, their rights/responsibilities as a tenant, & address previous debts which would prevent them from being able to secure permanent housing (such as past evictions/utility bills and/or credit issues).

This facility based transitional housing program provides an interim step between living in an emergency shelter or on the street and living in the community.  Participants are given a safe and supportive environment to practice the new skills they are learning and given the time to stabilize their family unit.  Staff are available on-site to provide 24 hour a day support and supervision.  Residents may remain in the facility for up to one year and are given the opportunity to remain in the program (and continue to receive program services) once they move back into the community.  Total program involvement cannot exceed two years.

Originally, this facility was designed to provide emergency shelter as well as transitional housing but it has become apparent due to changing needs/barriers the participants are facing and federal funding expectations, that implementing program modifications would be in the best interest of the residents we serve.  Therefore, within the past year, all of the shelter beds were converted to transitional housing units in order to more effectively meet the needs of the residents we serve.  The Salvation Army is currently in the process of making capital improvements in response to the program modifications and to enhance the participants’ living space.

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All participants are treated with respect and in a non-judgmental manner. Every effort is made to empower them to reach their personal goals.