• WHO: The Salvation Army of Kansas & Western Missouri Division is proud to announce the 2013 Season Pass.
  • WHAT: This pass is a one-time donation of $20, $50 or $100 that gives you a button to wear proudly as you walk by the red kettles showing that you have given this Christmas Season. The bell ringer will thank you for your donation.
  • WHEN: The buttons are available now.
  • WHERE: Available on-line HERE
  • WHY: Instead of worrying about having some change or a buck to drop in every kettle, donors can show their support while doing their holiday shopping by wearing their Season Pass.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this a National Promotion? Not yet but more and more divisions are taking notice.
  • Can I get my 2013 Season Pass at any red kettle location? NO, but we always appreciate those that donate at our red kettle sites.
  • Where can I go for more information about the 2013 Season Pass?
  • Can I purchase more than one season pass? Yes, but you will need to visit the donation page each time you want to purchase a button.
  • Where does the money go? All the money goes to local Salvation Army programs in your area, for example:
    • Feeding the hungry
    • Homeless & Family Shelters
    • Emergency Basic Needs Assistance
  • If I donate to a red kettle, online, or in another way do I automatically get a 2013 Season Pass? No, you have to purchase your Season Pass at your local Salvation Army or online at the above link. Your donation is tax deductible, minus shipping and handling charges of $1.10 per button.

If you would like to sell these buttons please contact: Brian Carroll, Director of Development Phone: 316-263-2769 Email: