Post / March 5, 2018
We are keeping moving when it comes to getting this building done. On Monday (February 27th) representatives from Myers construction, Klingner & Associates, and Divisional Headquarters met in Peoria to talk about the interior of the new building. The meetings sole purpose was to discuss the finishes and kitchen equipment. This was a great and productive meeting and we want to thank the members of Myers Construction and Klingner & Associates for driving to our headquarters in Peoria.

So as of right now Klingner is hoping to get the drawings to Myers for pricing on March 6th. Then Myers has two weeks to check the pricing to make sure we are still on track. Our next face to face meeting is scheduled for some time in April for a pre-construction meeting and at that meeting we will have representatives from both our Divisional and Territorial offices.  And Representatives from Myers Construction and Klingner & Associates, and local leadership here. We are looking at a start date of June 1st (tentative). Which means it is coming very soon!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Lt. Dennis Jolly (corps officer) and he will be happy to give you any updates that come down. And make sure that you are checking our website and social media for any other updates.




Post / February 12, 2018
"There is a saying that goes something like this. Everything happens for a reason. We couldn't tell you what the reason behind this excessive time when it comes to this project.
But the reason that we can tell you is this building will bring hope for countless people in this community. We can promise you this!
It is coming! Things are happening! I know that it has taken awhile but we have made great strides and both our Territorial and Divisional headquarters are to thank for that. We have been working closely with Klingner & Associates along with Myers Construction. 

We are tentatively looking to start construction around late spring. We have a pre-construction    meeting set up in April with representatives from both our Territorial and Divisional headquarters along with our local    leadership here in Burlington, and members from both Myers and Klingner. This is an exciting time and we want to thank you for all your patience with this building project and to thank the members of Klingner and Myers who have been working very hard on this project. If you have any other questions, please free to call us at any time."