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Officers of The Salvation Army Image

Officers of The Salvation Army

Salvation Army Officers

Operations of The Salvation Army are supervised by trained, commissioned officers. They proclaim the gospel and serve as administrators, teachers, social workers, counselors, youth leaders, and musicians.

These men and women have dedicated their lives, skills, and service completely to God. Lay members who subscribe to the doctrines of The Salvation Army are called soldiers. Along with officers, they are known as Salvationists.

Candidates for officership in the WMNI Division undergo an intensive two-year course in residence at Salvation Army colleges in Chicago. The curriculum combines theory and field practice, including Salvation Army doctrine, sociology and social work, psychology, Salvation Army regulations, homiletics, public speaking, Bible studies, church history, composition, community relations, business administration, accounting, and vocal and instrumental music.

After two successful years of training, cadets are commissioned as lieutenants, ordained as ministers, and assigned to active duty while continuing their education. Lieutenants devote five years to additional studies.

Numerous advanced training courses are available for officers wishing to specialize in a particular discipline. Institutes, seminars, and conferences have been established to ensure that officers are informed of new and innovative programs and developments.

Promotion is based on length of service, character, efficiency, capacity for increased  responsibility, and devotion to duty. The ranks are lieutenant, captain, major, lieutenant colonel, colonel, and commissioner. The international leader holds the rank of general and is selected by a high council of active-duty commissioner and territorial commanders.

Salvation Army Corps

The corps is the basic unit of the evangelistic purpose of The Salvation Army. Its main task is to lead people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. In The Salvation Army, corps is a place to worship and present the message of Jesus Christ.

In addition to worship, the corps of The Salvation Army also provides community services and activities to those in the community, in order to spread the love of God through action.

Music in worship is one of the characteristics of The Salvation Army, and we have brass bands, worship team and songsters (choir) to praise God joyfully.

The corps is more than a place – it is people.  The people of God, connected by a mutual appreciation for the service, love and ministry The Salvation Army represents.  Soldiers (church members) embrace the Lord Jesus as their Savior and Lord.  The Spirit of God lives in them, transforming lives and hearts, moving them to communicate the love of God.