"I'm Not Going to Repeat the Cycle"

Oct 21, 2019

“My parents were dirt poor. Their parents were dirt poor. With the help of The Salvation Army, I’m not going to repeat the cycle.”

We applaud Jeff – a single parent with three kids who has made the decision to change the direction of his life, his children’s lives and perhaps the lives of generations to come.

Jeff has partnered with his local Salvation Army in the Pathway of Hope program – a holistic program that introduces individuals just like Jeff to programs and services both within The Salvation Army and with other community partners and agencies. Taken together, this support system provides resources to care for needs today as well as helping to build a strong future.

The Pathway of Hope offers a dedicated team to help individuals navigate their future – but it takes commitment from the family, as well. A Salvation Army caseworker will help to develop a personalized plan of action, based largely on client’s goals and objectives. Regularly-scheduled meetings with the caseworker will insure that those are being met along the way and that desired progress is being made. Six months into the program, a milestone of personal progress is passed, allowing the client and their caseworker to adjust course as necessary and to celebrate successes.

Jeff can also rely on his caseworker and the Pathway of Hope program to help him navigate job training, healthcare services, housing solutions, legal services and childcare – all through a single resource. We can’t guarantee happily ever after – but for Jeff and his family, it may be a great place to start.  



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