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Weekly Schedule

Each week, The Salvation Army of Porter County provides assistance to those who need it, and spiritual support to anyone who seeks it. Please come in and find out what opportunities we have for you!

9:45 AM Sunday Bible Class
11:00 AM Sunday Worship / Holiness Meeting
NOON Salvation Meals (first Sundays each month)



MONDAY - FRIDAY Daily Bread Distribution (call for details)



10:00 AM Women's Bible Study / Craft
11:00 AM Women's Home League
1:00 PM Food Pantry Day (please call for information on what you need to bring)
4:30 PM Guitar & Brass, Beginners & Advanced (school year, by appointment)



10:00 AM Bible Study & Prayer Meeting
4:30 PM Youth Character Building:
Moonbeams (preschoolers), Sunbeams (girls, grade K-5), Girl Guards (grades 6-12), Adventure Corps (boys, grades 1-7)
5:00 PM Corps Cadets Teen Discipleship (1st and 3rd weeks)
5:00 PM Junior Soldiers Elementary Discipleship (2nd and 4th weeks)
5:00 PM Children's Singing Company
5:30 PM Supper Club
7:00 PM Women Today (last Thursday of the month)



6:00 PM Young Adult Bible Study (1st Fridays each month)
6:00 PM Adult Fellowship (movies, games, etc, last Friday each month)



10:00 AM / 6:00 PM Men's Ministries (location varies; 1st & 3rd Saturdays; call for details)