The Weekly Word -- A Devotion for the Week of September 2

Aug 30, 2019

I sought the Lord and He answered me; He delivered me from all my fears.
 -- Psalm 34:4

At some point during our lives we will undoubtedly find ourselves confronted with circumstances that leave us feeling powerless, afraid or out of control. We might face a difficult diagnosis or the death of a loved one. We might be challenged by financial duress, wrestle with an addiction or walk through a deep disappointment or a personal failure. It is during these most difficult times that we turn to the Lord to seek healing and relief, confident in faith that He will answer our prayers.

And yet, as David reminds us in this psalm of praise, the Lord doesn’t always answer our prayers exactly as we might hope or desire. God, David tells us, may not deliver us from the hard facts of life, but He does deliver us from fear. God does not promise us healing from illness, freedom from financial uncertainty or a life unburdened by hardship and grief. What He does promise is that in drawing near to Him, we will be released from fear into the peace and comfort only He can provide.

God may not change our particular circumstances, but the peace He gives us will enable us to weather even the worst storms.

Gracious God, You are my comfort in the midst of challenge. You are my refuge and my stronghold. I am so grateful for Your presence, Your peace and Your love. Amen.  


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