The Weekly Word - A Devotion for the Week of February 27

Feb 24, 2023

It’s said we should forgive and forget when someone does us wrong. If this is the way to live our lives, why is it so difficult for humans to forgive one another?

Why do we hold onto grudges? Why do we bring up things that happened in the past to hurt one another rather than let it go and move forward?

Is it in our genetic makeup? Is it part of our species to hold onto things that anger or hurt us?

Sometimes forgiveness seems impossible or even feels wrong. The pain is too real. It’s difficult to just “let it go.”

But forgiveness is at the heart of God’s character, and it’s the key to healing and freedom.

Just as we find forgiveness from God through our love and faith in Jesus, we can find the strength and conviction to forgive others – or, sometimes even more difficult, ourselves – for past actions.

Finding that compassion for others and for ourselves releases the burden of past wrongs and allows us to look forward rather than backward as God does through the blood of Jesus. 

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