$10,000 Challenge

Dec 13, 2022

With just twelve days until Christmas, The Salvation Army's annual Red Kettle fundraising campaign is getting a helping hand from a local anonymous donor. On Friday, December 16 and Saturday, December 17, the "Angel donor" will double donations made to Monroe County Red Kettles up to $10,000.


While the donor may be a mystery, the impact of this match is not. If holiday shoppers increase their giving just a little, the goal of raising $10,000 in only two days is attainable. Once doubled, the grand total of $20,000 would help to fund weeks of services to the community in 2023. From keeping the food pantry stocked to providing funds for emergency financial assistance, these donations are used throughout the year to help local residents make it through times when they are struggling to keep a roof over their heads or feed their families.


The Salvation Army worked throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and recent economic downturn to meet the increased needs of Monroe County residents facing uncertainty and a rising cost of living. With Christmas just around the corner, they are busy ensuring that families have a joyful holiday filled with hope and love, not fear and disappointment. Donations made to Red Kettles in November and December keep the hope alive for these families long after Christmas has passed.


"This anonymous gift helps to make a greater impact for those who depend on the services of The Salvation Army by enhancing the generosity we see at the Red Kettles across our community," said Captain Vinal Lee of The Salvation Army of Bloomington.


The Salvation Army is in need of volunteers to help ring bells at Red Kettles this weekend and on the final shopping days leading up to Christmas. These important volunteers are vital to reaching the goal of raising $10,000 on Friday and Saturday. Anyone interested in volunteering to ring a bell for two hours is invited to visit RegisterToRing.com and find a location, date, and time that works for their schedule.

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