The Weekly Devotion for the Week of May 6

May 3, 2024

God’s wisdom is a gift that can direct our way of life.

God’s wisdom is from the very essence of God’s character, untainted by the impurities of this world. It calls us to purify our hearts and minds, rid ourselves of selfish desires and sinful tendencies, and align ourselves with God's righteousness.

God’s wisdom is peaceable. In a world plagued by conflict and division, God’s wisdom brings reconciliation and harmony. It teaches us to pursue peace with one another, and to seek understanding and resolution in the face of discord.

God’s wisdom is not harsh or judgmental, but gentle and compassionate. It reminds us to treat others with kindness and empathy, to be tender-hearted and forgiving, just as God has been gracious and merciful towards us.

God’s wisdom is open to reason and full of mercy. It invites us to engage in thoughtful dialogue and discernment, to seek wisdom from various sources, and to be willing to learn and grow in our understanding of God’s truth. It overflows with compassion and generosity, inspiring us to extend grace to those around us.

God’s wisdom is impartial. It shows no favoritism or discrimination, but treats all people with fairness and equity. It challenges us to confront our biases and to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Lastly, God’s wisdom is sincere. It is genuine and authentic, rooted in the truth of God’s word. It calls us to live with integrity and honesty, and to let our light shine brightly in a world darkened by deceit and falsehood.

May the wisdom of God dwell richly within us, guiding us in all that we do, and may we be vessels of God’s love and grace to a world in need.

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