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Help us do the most good

Our programs are made possible because of generous donors that give back to their communities in a variety of ways.

The Salvation Army works every day to make life better for people in Fulton County, around the midwest and the world.Your gift can enable us to provide meals to hungry children and adults, provide charcater building opportunities and recreation, and send at-risk children to summer camp.

If your concern is global, you can contribute to Salvation Army International Self-Denial World Missions Fund which provides such programs as HIV/AIDS clinics in Africa, homeless feeding services in Russia, micro-enterprise development in the Philippines, and homes for orphaned and abandoned children in Mexico.

Donate Online

Donate Online using The Salvation Army's secured server. Your donation will be routed to your local community or specified location through The Salvation Army's secure server registered under the Secure Socket Layer standards of Verisign.


Volunteer Opportunities offer an additional way for you to partner with The Salvation Army. Call us at the Corps at 647-4732 to find out what volunteers are needed to help!

Non-Financial Gifts

Non-financial gifts can be made by dropping off items at your local Salvation Army drop box or by arranging a pick-up.To schedule a pick-up of donated goods please call 1-800-SA-TRUCK or visit

Gift Opportunities

Gift Opportunities including several types of plans that have wonderful benefits for the gift donors including increased income and generous tax savings.