24 April 2018


Clips of hair litter the ground as giggles and the buzz of a razor fill the air. For some of the kids in The Salvation Army After School Program, this is the first time their hair has been professionally styled. Their smiles speak volumes.

Katrina Collins, a professional stylist, believes it has always been important to give back. This philosophy began years ago in cosmetology school when she practiced on clients who could not afford a trip to the salon. From these experiences, she decided to “use her talents for good,” she says, and “not to worry about income.”

Her compassion shows as she works with the kids. They are nervous at first, she says. Some even ask, “Do you know what you’re doing?” Nevertheless, her enthusiasm wins them over, and they feel more comfortable with her, jumping around and showing off their new hairstyles.

“I want to make people feel good inside and out,” she explains.

That same passion drove Ms. Collins to build her own hairstyling business, All About You. The business model and mission are simple: serve people where they are and make them feel beautiful and worthy of pampering. She brings this perspective to every one of her volunteer sessions, including her time at a Sun Prairie shelter. Her Saturdays are booked for the next two months, providing personalized and trendy haircuts and styles for women in the shelter, but she hopes to expand her services to The Salvation Army Single Women’s Shelter, the only shelter for single women in Dane County.

To accomplish this, she must enlist help. She hopes to encourage other stylists to volunteer. She has already recruited a couple of volunteers from her own family, her son and daughter. Her daughter helps her design and create jewelry that she sells to fund her hairstyling visits to the shelters and community center.

With the support of her husband and children, Ms. Collins is an amazingly determined and compassionate woman. The difference she has made in the lives of the kids in the after-school program shows on their faces, and The Salvation Army of Dane County is grateful to have her as a dedicated volunteer.


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