A Woman at the Well

Sep 20, 2023

Camila, a single mother of two, stumbled through the doors of The Salvation Army Eagle Creek burdened by the weight of her struggles. She had reached a breaking point and was not sure how to stabilize her family. She approached Erin, the corps’ case manager, with both fear and hope in her eyes. Erin listened attentively as Camila poured out her story, sharing the overwhelming challenges she had been facing in recent months. She had found herself stuck in a financial and spiritual crisis, unable to provide for her family and lacking the faith to pull her through these dark times.

Erin gathered the information she needed and was happy to share that The Salvation Army was able to provide Camila and her family with financial assistance. But Erin did not want the help to stop there. She asked Camila if she would be interested in joining The Salvation Army’s Pathway of Hope program, which would allow the two of them to map out goals for Camila’s family and build a success plan together. Camila agreed, feeling a tremendous amount of hope and gratitude.

As Erin began explaining the program in more detail, Camila’s eyes wandered toward a table full of books and a sign that read, “Free Bibles/Biblias Gratis”. Camila later shared that she suddenly felt as if she’d discovered a way to calm the chaos. She had been fighting a long spiritual battle and was simply in need of guidance.

When Erin noticed Camila’s interest in the table, she asked if she would like to take one home. Without hesitation, Camila reached out and picked up a bible. She told Erin she was not quite sure where she stood in her spiritual life, as her faith had weakened with every obstacle she’d encountered. Camila confessed she was not sure if she knew God since she had lived a life without Him for so long. Erin shared the story of Jesus with her, telling her that God loves her so much that He sent his son to bear the burdens for us. Her words brought a tear to Camila’s eye as she suddenly felt like there was a light at the end of this dark tunnel.

Much like the story of the woman at the well, Camila had come to The Salvation Army seeking financial assistance, but had discovered something far more profound. The woman had encountered Jesus, who was able to offer her living water, quenching the thirst of her soul. Thanks to your generous contributions, The Salvation Army continues to serve as the well, a meeting place for Jesus and those in need.

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