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Summer Staff


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Summer Staff Openings:

Counseling Opportunities:

Male and Female Overnight Counselor

Our overnight counselors are an integral part of our camp ministry. They are directly investing in the lives of our campers through activity times, meals, devotionals, and other quality time. Counselors are expected to be available throughout our entire summer season to oversee cabins, but may be moved to activity or other areas of camp for certain weeks depending on the amount of campers we have registered. We ask that anyone looking to join us as a counselor joins us with a servant heart for God's mission, and is willing to help us in any way to reach the most people for His purpose.

Male and Female Lead Overnight Counselor (Lead Staff Position) (These positions are currently FILLED)

Our Male and Female Lead Counselors are here to support our counselors--think of yourself as a counselor for the counselors. You are guiding our staff through personal and work related situations, helping them with camper discipline and management, and may be asked to jump in and head up a cabin if we're ever in need. This position requires previous experience at camp and is reserved to those at least 20 years of age who show promise in leadership. We also ask that whoever applies for this position understands that it requires a servant heart for God's mission of reaching the most people for His purpose, through whatever means that may be.


Day Camp Opportunities

Day Camp Lead (Lead Staff Position)

Our Day Camp Lead is responsible for the planning and facilitation of our summer day camp program. They manage the schedule of their counselors, the daily schedule of the campers, and engage in constant communication with day camp parents. If this staff member chooses to live on camp, other duties may be assigned.

Day Camp Assistant Lead (This position is currently FILLED)

Our Day Camp Assistant Lead is responsible to assist the Day Camp Lead in planning and running activities. They will help in managing the counseling team, running the daily schedule, and help with parental communication. If this staff member chooses to live on camp, other duties may be assigned.

Day Camp Counselor

Our Day Camp Counselors are responsible for directly participating in all scheduled day camp activities with the campers. Counselors will help lead devotionals, run activities (depending on activities qualifications received), and maintain the daily safety of all campers. Our counselors are responsible for campers Monday through Friday, for the duration of the summer season . If a Day Camp Counselor chooses to live on camp, other duties may be assigned.

Activities Opportunities:

Aquatics Director (Lead Staff Position) (This position is currently FILLED)

Our lead aquatics director oversees the function of our pool area, including the Assistant Aquatics Director and lifeguards scheduled in aquatics areas. They are expected to help make sure pool chemicals are looking good, the pool area is tidy and ready for swimmers, and that staff are ready and prepared for their time at the pool. This position does require a valid American Red Cross Lifeguard certification (which can be provided through Echo Grove), and previous years of leadership experience.

Assistant Aquatics Director (Lead Staff Position)

Our assistant aquatics director will primarily oversee the function of the Waterfront area under the authority of the Aquatics Director. They will be expected to maintain a tidy and safe area for boaters and fishers. Making sure the area and scheduled staff are ready for activity time will be extremely important. this position does require a valid American Red Cross Lifeguard certification (which can be provided through Echo Grove), and previous aquatics experience.

Range Safety Officer (Lead Staff Position)

Our range safety officer is in charge of running the archery and shooting range for camp free time and activities. They will help make sure all equipment is in good condition and ready to go when it is needed. A Basic Archery Instructor certification and a Range Safety Officer certification are required for this position (and can be provided through Echo Grove).

Ropes Course Director (Lead Staff Position)

Our ropes course director is expected to be able to run and maintain our Rock Wall, High Ropes Course, Zip Line, and Low Ropes Course, as well as all equipment required for these activities. This position will oversee all staff scheduled in this activity area as well as the safety of any camper who participates. 

Froggies Shop Manager (This position is currently FILLED)

Our froggies shop manager  oversees the function of our camp candy shop, Froggies, and our camps store, The Grove. This position is responsible for ordering any and all product necessary for the summer. This position is responsible for overseeing the daily function of the store, maintain cleanliness, and oversee any scheduled staff members. 

Arts and Crafts Director

Our arts and crafts director must be crafty, orginized, and ready to manage our Art Barn. You will oversee any staff scheduled to work in your area.  This position must be able to plan and execute any craft projects, and may run arts classes. 


Will oversee the daily function and safety of the pool and waterfront. This position reports to the Aquatics or Assistant Aquatics directors. Must be focused and willing to do what is needed in the pool  area. American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification is required.



Support Opportunities:

Camp Nurse (This position is currently FILLED)

Our camp nurse will be responsible for dispensing medicine to campers, addressing immediate medical needs of campers. Must be in training for nursing. An RN is not a requirement for this position.


Office Assistant

Our office assistant will help our Office Manager perform the daily functions of the office. Skill in Microsoft word is required. 


Kitchen Staff

Our kitchen staff will help maintain the cleanliness, function, and meal delivery of our meals. They will report to the Kitchen Manager while in the dining hall.

Housekeeping Staff

Our housekeeping staff will be responsible for doing laundry, cleaning bathrooms, and maintaining the cleanliness of other buildings or areas on camp. 

Maintenance Staff

Our maintenance staff is responsible for maintaining the camp grounds through tasks addressed by the Operations Manager.


Join the team!

Why work at camp?

We are Christ-Centered: This is an environment for you to grow as an individual in your faith with a community of believers. Our focus isn't on the world around us, but on things above. This allows us to serve our campers and staff so much better. With strength found in God, all things are more than possible. 

We are a team: Everything you do is completely supported by the rest of the staff. If you are ever going through something, the team is here to lift you up and carry you through. The community provided in this place will only bring you goodness and strength. There is nothing like working in a tight-knit, loving community such as this one.

We are on a mission: We get the privilege to serve children from all walks of life, including some who are really struggling. Our mission is to give them all an experience that will change their lives--and we invite you to be an integral part of that.

WE ARE ECHO GROVE: Every camp is unique, and Echo Grove is, well, Echo Grove. We are here to be a Christ-centered team on a mission to serve the kids who come through our campground. You won't get this experience at any other camp, at any other place, or in any other summer.

After all is said and done, you will be a new person. You will have met people who will completely transform the way you see life, you will learn who God really and truly is, and you will be a stronger individual because of all of this. You will walk away having learned what it truly means to be responsible for the world, having been responsible for kids, yourself, and each other all summer.

Meet Our Summer 2019 Staff:

Fun Stuff for our Staff:

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