Project Coat Closet

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Winters in the Fox Valley can be extremely cold; sometimes with deadly consequences. Some children walk to school in February in a hooded sweatshirt. No child should have to face the cold without a winter coat.

The Salvation Army is launching Project Coat Closet to make sure that every child who needs a winter coat has access to one. In cooperation with Elgin School District U-46, we have identified 24 elementary and middle schools with the greatest need to house a Coat Closet (scroll down to see the full list of schools). Elementary school Coat Closets will have 16 coats and middle school Coat Closets will have 10 coats.

We need your help to make Project Coat Closet a success. Your donation – $500 for an elementary school or $300 for a middle school – will ensure coats are available throughout the winter season, keeping kids warm during the coldest of months.

In recognition of your generosity, your name or organization name will be displayed on the school's Coat Closet to let children in need know that you care about them. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Rick Reigner, Resource Development Director, at 847.741.2304 x308 or by email:

Thank you for caring for those most in need in our community.

Sponsor a Coat Closet

Elgin School District U-46 Schools housing a Coat Closet:


  • Channing Memorial Elementary School (SPONSORED)
  • Coleman Elementary School (SPONSORED)
  • Creekside Elementary School (SPONSORED)
  • Highland Elementary School (SPONSORED)
  • Hillcrest Elementary School (SPONSORED)
  • Hilltop Elementary School (SPONSORED)
  • Lords Park Elementary School (SPONSORED)
  • Washington Elementary School (SPONSORED)
  • Abbott Middle School (SPONSORED)


  • Clinton Elementary School (SPONSORED
  • Willard Elementary School (SPONSORED)


  • Glenbrook Elementary School (SPONSORED)
  • Heritage Elementary School (SPONSORED)
  • Ridge Circle Elementary School (SPONSORED)
  • Canton Middle School
  • Teft Middle School (SPONSORED)


  • Horizon Elementary School
  • Laurel Hill Elementary School
  • Ontarioville Elementary School
  • Parkwood Elementary School


  • Lincoln Elementary School
  • Timber Trails Elementary School (SPONSORED)


  • Spring Trail Elementary School (SPONSORED)


  • Wayne Elementary School

Sponsor a Coat Closet