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Do your children have a better chance than you did? Are you concerned about the basics that you need for you and your family? You can take the first step today by joining the Pathway of Hope to help you navigate the challenges to a better future. To get there, a caseworker will work with you to design a plan around your individual goals, needs and strengths.

What Does the Program Involve?

Caring today for your family’s needs, while building a strong future can be challenging. The Salvation Army team will walk alongside you on your family’s journey:

 Mapping it out

Meet with a caseworker to develop your personalized action plan. 

 Staying on track

Chart your progress and see your success with your dedicated case worker on a regular basis.

 Passing the six month mile marker

See where you are at six months and decide what’s next on your journey. 

 Looking ahead

Celebrate your successes. Adjust any further goals.  Encourage others.

Resources & Connections

Through your involvement with Pathway of Hope, you’ll be introduced to both Salvation Army and other services that are available within your community which offer:

  •  A network of support 
  •  A sense of community 
  •  Holistic programs 
  •  Spiritual guidance 

Service Connector to:

  •  Job training
  •  Health services
  •  Childcare and education
  •  Housing options
  •  Legal services
  • And much more...

Pathway of Hope Stories

Picking up the Pieces: Cynthia's Story

Picking up the Pieces

 Metro Detroit

After 19 years of marriage, Cynthia's husband packed up his things and left. She had depended on him financially to provide for her and her young children. Though she was college educated, Cynthia had been a stay-at-home mom and had no source of income.

The house that Cynthia had called home was now in foreclosure, without electricity and would soon be without water and gas. Her family was imminently facing homelessness.

Cynthia had nothing left to lose and sought help through The Salvation Army. Thinking she would find a temporary fix to the problem, she had no idea what would follow.

Through the Pathway of Hope program, Cynthia was able to work with a Salvation Army social worker to receive a wide variety of referrals to assist her and her family. She was able to get her electricity turned back on and then resolve the pending water/gas shutoffs. Once those issues were fixed, the social worker was able to focus on Cynthia other needs. She signed up for DHS benefits and received housing assistance, as well as began a child support case against her estranged husband.

Cynthia never expected to find job assistance through the Pathway of Hope program, but she was wrong. Drawing upon her college education and life skills, Cynthia’s social worker was able to help her land a full-time job…something that she hadn’t had in more than 19 years.

After several months of perseverance and dedication, Cynthia is a proud graduate of The Salvation Army’s Pathway of Hope program. She provides for her sons and puts food on the table in a home that she’s now able to afford.

“I don’t know how I would have got my life back together again without the help of The Salvation Army,” Cynthia said. “My sons and I would have ended up in a shelter and that’s something that I never thought would ever happen to my family.”

A Brand New Start: Christine's Story

A Brand New Start

 Metro Detroit

Leaving her friends and family in Arizona behind, Christine moved with her emotionally abusive husband and six children to Michigan. After 15 years of a troubled marriage, she finally found the courage to leave and begin a new chapter in her life.

First was to find a place to call home which she filled with love. She and her children developed roots in the community, making new friends while desperately trying to make ends meet. Her husband was always the sole provider for the family. Christine did her best to make things work, but it wasn’t enough. Her rent and utilities went unpaid for two months and she was struggling to put food on the table.

Christine struck up a conversation with her daughter’s preschool coordinator and explained her situation. The coordinator recommended that Christine reach out to The Salvation Army. Christine knew about The Salvation Army, mostly from the iconic red kettles, but she didn’t know how much the nonprofit organization could help.

On a blustery December day, Christine met with her social worker to discuss her goals. Before they could discuss Christine’s enrollment in the Pathway of Hope program, she was told that she would be able to provide a Christmas for her children through The Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program. As Christine wiped tears away from her eyes, her social worker handed her an envelope and said, “Merry Christmas.” In it was the exact amount to cover December’s rent.

From that point on, Christine was on a journey to self-sufficiency…and there was no looking back. She established a monthly budget, registered for utility-aid programs and enrolled in community college. With the help of her social worker and partnering agencies, Christine worked hard on reaching her goals. After four months in the Pathway of Hope program, Christine can proudly say that she is the sole provider for her children. She’s able to keep up with her monthly bills and plans to enroll in her community college’s medical sonography program in the fall.

“The Salvation Army is our home,” said Christine. “We have family here and I don’t feel alone anymore. I know that no matter how hard life gets, God will provide for us.”

Breaking the Cycle: Danielle's Story

Breaking the Cycle

 Metro Detroit

Daniella worked full time but found it difficult to manage her income and monthly expenses. Facing a shut off notice, this mother of two sought emergency assistance through The Salvation Army.

As soon as Daniella walked through the door, she was immediately met with open arms by her caseworker who was able to help pay her energy bill. The conversation went in another direction when Daniella expressed interest in finding a better job with better pay, as well as financial management. She wanted to break her reliance on assistance from agencies and family members. Her caseworker knew Daniella would be a good candidate for Pathway of Hope and immediately set up an appointment.

During her initial Pathway of Hope assessment, Daniella set goals and objectives to set her on the right path. While in the program, Daniella took advantage of programs offered in conjunction with United Way, including financial workshops, resume building and interview skills sessions. The Salvation Army often collaborates with other social service agencies to ensure clients’ needs are met.

Working to establish an attainable budget and identifying ways to cut back on expenses, Daniella enrolled her children in The Salvation Army’s summer day camp so she could attend workshops and meet with her caseworker. And it wasn’t long before Daniella realized she was on her way to becoming financially independent and no longer had to rely on others to help pay the bills.

Daniella successfully graduated from the Pathway of Hope program with positivity and the skill set to be successful in life...and she owes it all to The Salvation Army.

Who Can Join?

You’re eligible if:

  •  You have at least one child under the age of 18.
  •  You’re ready to take action!

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