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The Salvation Army is leading the #Fight for Good.

We’re on the front lines every day

serving our Friends in need.

We’re helping hard-working but struggling families across this metro Detroit put food on their tables, pay their rent and keep their heat on. We’re supporting thousands of children who live in poverty in our own neighborhoods. 

You give us our weapons for this fight – hope, love, and compassion. With you in our Army, we keep families in their homes and kids off the streets. We help people stay sober. And we bring hope to those with none.

While people battle hunger, we fight. While families cry over violence in their neighborhoods, we fight.
While women and men are trafficked, we fight. While people struggle against addiction and homelessness, we fight.

Join Us By Volunteering to Serve our Community. The Fight is Now.







Help The Salvation Army create change and
provide hope throughout your community.

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