Meet the Tuesday Afternoon Sandwich Making Crew!

Sep 22, 2021

“More people should give of their time to a place as worthy as The Salvation Army.”

Mike Palmer places one sandwich on top of the other while another volunteer trails behind, filling bread bags with the finished ham sandwiches. Eight others are spread throughout the room in an effort to make thousands of sandwiches. A longtime volunteer for the Bed & Bread Club®, Mike has experience helping feed hungry and homeless families from the Bed & Bread trucks and now feels compelled to serve in any way he can.

“What began as a financial donation several years ago has become one of my favorite ways to share God’s love with the community,” he says.

His friend, Lou Jermont, agrees. “I get rewarded 10 times more by being here than by only giving money. We’ve been out on the truck, and it’s tough to see people in desperate situations. As I make the sandwiches now, I see the faces of the people we give the sandwiches to. That makes me want to come back and do it more.”

Another of Lou’s close friends, couple Lee and Dave, echo the same sentiment. After hearing about the program through Lou, they decided to come help. “Now, our Tuesday afternoon crew is a fellowship of varying backgrounds. We share about each other and enjoy being here doing something for someone else.”

This particular group of eight volunteers has come to the Divisional Headquarters kitchen for months now, with thousands upon thousands of sandwiches made and a place in our Sandwich Making Hall of Fame. Aurora, who for the past five years has been a volunteer bell ringer, is here simply because she loves volunteering.

“My church encourages us to help, and volunteering feels good, too. I retired last year, so I have the time.”

Pat and Everett, a father-son duo, round out the group. “My daughter works here, and she was telling me about how the program feeds people in need,” says Pat, “and I said, ‘Do you have room for two more?’ We just like to contribute and do our part.”

Want to get involved or learn more about the Bed & Bread Club? Visit our Bed & Bread Club page.

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