Summer In the City Highlight: Jill's Story

Jul 21, 2020

Jill first contacted The Salvation Army Warren Corps Community Center in June 2018 for help with a large electric bill. The single mother of six was struggling to make ends meet after her boyfriend left her and their 6 children. He and Jill had been running a lawn care business together, but he took the business with him when he left. This terrible blow came just after Jill had given birth their 3rd son together in March of that year. Jill was now left to care for her 16-year-old, her three sons, and her ex-boyfriend’s two daughters (ages 5 and 10). When she didn’t know where else to turn, The Salvation Army paid her electric and water bills to help her stay afloat while she applied for state benefit help and child support.

In October of 2019, Jill contacted The Salvation Army again. She was still on her own caring for all 6 children, and she was now receiving cash assistance from DHS in lieu of the child support that she was still unable to collect from the father of 5 of the children she was caring for.  She was also babysitting in her home for extra income. However, she had fallen a few months behind in rent, and her landlord filed for eviction. She was three days from losing her home, but The Salvation Army was able to pay a month’s rent to keep her and her family in their housing. This kept Jill in a situation where she could continue working, and she then earned enough money to take care of rent on her own. “They were very nice and understanding,” says Jill of The Salvation Army. “They said they would help again if I needed it.”

To help us provide assistance to future individuals and families in need, consider contributing to our Summer in the City Campaign, presented by Toyota.

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