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As long as there?s The Salvation Army, <br />there?s no such thing as 'no place to go.'

As long As There's The Salvation Army,
There's No Such Thing As 'No Place To Go.'

Each year, we provide over 10 million nights of shelter to those in need.

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We provide nearly 383,000 nights of shelter
to metro Detroiters in need every year through:

Emergency Shelters

For those looking to escape extreme cold, intense heat, torrential rain, or just wanting a safe, quiet place to spend the night, we provide a free meal, a warm bed and a clean shower.

Harbor Light System

In 1939, The Salvation Army opened the doors on its first Harbor Light center in Detroit. This has since grown into the largest drug rehabilitation in the state and is known as The Eastern Michigan Salvation Army Harbor Light System. Harbor Light's three locations offer bed and bread programs, providing more than 77,000 nights of shelter and serving nearly 1.6 million free meals each year. We aim to end hunger and homelessness in the lives of our recovering clients. Harbor Light opens its doors every day of the year.

Detroit Medical Respite

Detroit Medical respite provides a place for homeless individuals to recover and recuperate from hospital stays. Rather than being released by hospitals as soon as possible, we provide a safe, clean environment for people to fully recover before being released.

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About 15 percent of the homeless population is comprised of "chronically homeless" Individuals.

This population is most vulnerable during the hottest and coldest months of the year.

Our doors are always open.

Each year, The Salvation Army Eastern Michigan Division provides nearly 383,000 nights of lodging to metro Detroiters in need. Our group homes, emergency shelters, and transitional living centers provide housing, food, and overnight lodging for varying amounts of time to destitute families, the homeless, the displaced, and to youth where family care is undesirable or unavailable. Through our holistic approach, we supplement every shelter service with emotional and spiritual support.

Give the gift of a good night's sleep. You can help.


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Veterans are exceptionally vulnerable to homelessness.

About 8% of the homeless population is comprised of Veterans.

A $100 donation to The Salvation Army can provide three nights of shelter for a soldier in need. Donate now.


Kids don't always have a place to call home.

Every year, one out of every 30 kids experiences homelessness.

A $100 donation to The Salvation Army can provide three nights of shelter for a child in need. Donate now.


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