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Partners in Doing the Most Good

The Salvation Army has changed lives and given hope to countless people throughout Eastern Michigan. But it never does it alone.

At The Salvation Army, we rely heavily on our volunteers to help us Do The Most Good. By volunteering in Eastern Michigan, you'll play a vital role in lifting up the lives of countless people in need. Whether it's providing meals to the hungry, responding to a disaster, or ringing a bell at your local grocery store, there are countless ways to generously volunteer your time to help those in need in Eastern Michigan. We have year-round volunteer opportunities for individuals, families, schools, organizations and businesses. If you are leading or participating in a corporate volunteer opportunity, visit our Corporate Volunteers page.

During the Christmas season, The Salvation Army has three major volunteer opportunities: Bell ringing, toy shop, and food pantry. Learn more about these opportunities below.

Join Us By Volunteering to Serve our Community. The Fight is Now.

Bell Ringing
The bell ringing season starts each November and runs through Christmas Eve. Volunteers are the difference between a nearly empty kettle and one that raises about $30 per hour – enough to provide a family with two bags of groceries, or shelter an individual for a night. Volunteer bell ringers who are able to give of their time during the holidays help The Salvation Army's provide for our friends in need all year long. To volunteer as a bell ringer, visit registertoring.com. Enter your zip code and then select a location and shift. If you want to participate with a radio station promotion, connect your shift with one of the following promotions: Ring for Bling, Ring with WRIF, Battle of the 'Burbs East, Battle of the 'Burbs West, or Battle of the 'Burbs Downriver.
Toy Shop
Volunteers for the toy shop get the amazing opportunity to become the personal shopper for parents who come to pick out Christmas presents for their children. Toy shop volunteers give hope as they guide shoppers and take part in imagining Christmas morning for countless families who rely on The Salvation Army during the holidays. Volunteers will also help set up, tear down, and restock the toy shop. Use the button below to find your local Corps Community Center for more information on volunteering for the toy shop.
Food Pantry
Volunteers for the food pantry have the privilege of helping our friends in need have a special Christmas meal and enough food for their families during the holiday season, when budgets come under extra strain. As a volunteer, you will be setting up the food pantry, cleaning the kitchen, and helping load groceries into cars for anyone who needs assistance. Use the button below to find your local Corps Community Center for more information on volunteering for the food pantry.






Volunteer with The Bed & Bread Program

The Bed & Bread Program is currently in need of more volunteers. Volunteers are a vital part of The Bed & Bread Program. Your hard work and dedication make it possible for us to assist the most vulnerable in our communities. Whether you help a homeless individual get a nourishing meal or a parent out of a job feed their kids, you make a tremendous impact on people who are fighting poverty and children who receive nutrition daily from our trucks.

Volunteers can either work in the kitchen or on one of our trucks.

Kitchen: Monday - Sunday from 8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

     Volunteers will work with Chef Michael Block to make sandwiches that will later be served from the trucks. This is a good team building experience as a friendly competition has been created between each group that volunteers. The record for the most sandwiches made in the 3-hour time slot is 1,400. Your team members will create a sandwich making system to ensure you can produce as many sandwiches as possible during your shift.

Arrival: Please arrive at 7:45 a.m. The shift is from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Truck: Monday - Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

     Volunteers will serve sandwiches from trucks that travel throughout Detroit's neighborhoods. We have had countless volunteers who have had transformative experiences serving food out of the trucks. This is a chance to form relationships and to see first-hand how your efforts help us Do The Most Good for our neighbors. There are three trucks total that can fit up to four people including the driver. The drivers are assigned by Harbor Light and are usually people who have benefited from the Bed & Bread program and now give their time back to The Salvation Army and people of Detroit. Once volunteers are divided up and assigned to the trucks, you will begin prepping the meals by creating sack lunches and pouring soup into bowls and juice into cups. We ask that you commit to the whole shift because the trucks stick to a tight schedule, so they will not be able to leave their course to drop you back off at Harbor Light.

To volunteer, start by viewing and accepting our Liability Release.

Eastern Michigan Volunteer Opportunities

If you're looking to volunteer locally, you can find and select your local community center below for more information.



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