Avoiding the Downward Spiral

Feb 27, 2020

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For many kids growing up in tough neighborhoods, resisting the pervasive pull of gangs and drugs is hard. Add in the pressure to help provide for your family and that pull becomes nearly impossible to ignore.

That’s where Julio found himself when his older brother, who had been the main provider for the family, was sent to prison for three years. Julio, who’d already started getting involved in gang activity and drugs, felt the need to step up and be the man of the family. He started selling drugs to make money. That decision led to a whole new spiral of problems.

When his gang pressured him to retaliate for a crime committed against one of their own, Julio landed in jail himself. Facing the consequences of his choices, including his substance use disorder, Julio knew he needed to make some drastic changes to his life.

Looking back, what would have happened if someone had provided for Julio’s family when his brother went to prison? What hardships could have been avoided if their needs had been met?

When The Salvation Army provides for those in our neighborhoods – offering food to the hungry and shelter to those without a place to call home – we aren’t just meeting needs; we are seeking to stop the downward spiral often caused by the hardships of poverty. Hardships that can make people vulnerable to the call of alcohol, drugs, gangs, or crime.

Our Bed and Bread Club members ensure The Salvation Army is poised and ready to assist when we see those needs in our neighborhoods. There often isn’t time to stop and raise the funds to help. So often, the help is needed now. Monthly donations allow us to have resources ready when we see people in our communities about to succumb to the ravages of poverty.

Julio is now clean and working for The Salvation Army, where he helps others avoid some of the pitfalls he knows all too well. When you join the Bed and Bread Club, you join forces with Julio and the rest of the Army seeking to Do the Most Good for our neighbors in need.

Together, we can provide a lifeline for those about to succumb to the hardships of poverty.

Your gifts ensure The Salvation Army has the resources to provide shelter, food, and more to those in need.

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