365 Days, 365 Ways to Share Kindnesses That Change Hearts & Lives in Fond du Lac County

Aug 2, 2022

Simple Ways You Can Make A Difference Wherever You Live, Starting Today

What if there was a way to make everyday feel like Christmas? 

Maybe there is.  

After all, Christmas isn’t just a day. Christmas is an attitude of caring. It's doing kindnesses that change hearts and lives.  Every moment of every day has the potential for us to spread joy, champion change, lighten the load of a neighbor. We have to seize the moment. At Christmastime, its easier to find those moments.

Imagine what a wonderful world it would be if we kept that spirit throughout the year!  At The Salvation Army, we're asking you to join with us to spread kindness around like tinsel,  year round!  Challenge yourself and those around you to do an act of kindness for someone each day -  It can benefit some close to you (a coworker, a neighbor, a family member)  or a stranger -  it can be for one person, or it can help the entire community.  It can be done in secret, or not.  One act of intentional kindness "just because," each day. That's all. 

 Fond du Lac County has 100,000 people.  Imagine the difference we'd make if we each do one kindness each day? For 365 days? That's the Kindness Challenge: to deliver change, expand services and grow LOVE BEYOND CHRISTMAS one day, one kindness at a time. 

Everyday, just ask yourself, "What can I do today, that I will  look back on to tomorrow, knowing I made a difference?"

Treat others with kindness — especially those you don’t know, and especially those who don’t necessarily treat you with kindness.

Hang onto the wonder. The most real things in the world are those that neither children nor men can see.

Count your blessings. Whenever you find yourself thinking, “I wish I had…” replace that with, “I’m so thankful I have…”  Start a blessing board or jar.

Spend time with people you love. Remember that time is fleeting: the kids won’t be small forever, your parents may not be around many more years, your teenagers will be out of the house in a year or two. Prioritize WHO matters every single day. Time together keeps your spirit bright & sharing quality experiences creates a special bond.

Share a smile, say thank you, pay it forward. There are special people in our lives who’ve shaped our hearts, our minds, our beliefs. Tell them how grateful you are for their presence in your life, and how they’ve influenced you. If you can’t tell them, show them. Do an act of kindness on their behalf and let them know what you've done. 

Get Involved. Invest your passion, your ideas and your wisdom to be the change we need. Recognize the gift your time is. Spread it like sunshine and watch the world brighten!

 One thing more.  Would you share your kindnesses with us?  Tag The Salvation Army of Fond du Lac Facebook or email us.  Need ideas for sharing your time, collecting kindnesses to pass along where they are needed most?  We're here!  Go to safdl.org and take a look!

Bless your kind heart :)



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