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Adults in need make up the biggest group we serve Image

Adults in need make up the biggest group we serve

Through programs designed to address the mind, body and soul, we meet the needs of adults of all ages.

Helping households achieve self-sufficiency releases them from cyclical crisis and dependency on community help.

How we help partner with adults

Fond du Lac County households in crisis feel they are unheard, and their needs ignored. We gave them a voice in Fond du Lac County's largest survey of economically undeserved households  conducted in partnership with UW-Fond du Lac Extension in 2016. 337 households pinpointed exactly what they needed to move forward and we are committed to growing ways and means to deliver those 32 categories of resources and  help clients develop skills clients said they need. We now provide:

Critical Transportation Support:
Helps individuals interview for or start employment by supplying 'fuel only' cards.  Since it's inception in 2017, we've helped 71 households become financially better equip to provide for themselves!  
Hygiene, Cleaning Supplies and Laundry: 

After a February 2016 survey concluded there were no supplies freely available in Fond du Lac County, The Salvation Army became a hygiene and cleaning supply outlet.  We share toiletries, hygiene items, cleaning supplies, diapers, etc. and have a laundry program for clients to bring and do laundry. 1386+ households depend on us each month for access to personal care, laundry and cleaning supplies. Access to these services helps clients attain employment, maintain health and dignity, prevents bullying.

Self-sufficiency training and confidence-building programs that "teach clients to fish":
Over half of participants in the January 2016 survey asked for help budgeting and making easy and healthy meals.  Our clients are on limited incomes and many also have health related issues, so we teamed inspired experts together to create  a practical class that delivers good, healthy meals, teaches participants how to make them and gives them confidence and the skills to make meals at home on a budget, using ingredients from our pantry.  Our Cooking with Confidence program takes Salvation Army  food pantry ingredients adds recipes and knowledge to help participants make informed choices and create meals that consider their household's health needs; then provide recipes, seasonings, and kitchen tools needed to integrate what's learned  into their own lives.

A Health Hot Spot:
A partnership with Marian University and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield our "hot spot" will deliver health assessments & screenings, practical tips on how to be healthier and resources to put what they learn from us into action!


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