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The Queen of Charities pageant is a fundraiser for individuals who are interested in making a difference in their community through charitable works. All proceeds go directly to improving the lives of families in Allen County through The Salvation Army.




Welcome to the Queen of Charities Pageant!


We are so excited to have you for this, our 12th year anniversary! Our pageant is unique in that it is an empowerment pageant, focusing not on "physical beauty" but on creativity, personality, poise, and of course, fund-raising for charity!

Here are some things to know about our pageant:


1. Theme this year is "All Things Disney!" . Choose a character from any Disney creation and represent it in your theme wear. It can be as complex or simple as you would like. The judges score on creativity, so try and think outside the box!  Make sure you follow our Facebook page for updates: HERE 

2. Contestants vary when it comes to "formal wear." Some are more comfortable with a more casual spring dress; others go all-out with sequin ballgowns. Both are welcome on our stage, and we've seen girls win with both! The judges never score the "dress"; just how you present yourself in the dress. So choose something you (or your child) will feel good in.


3.Dates to know?

-PHOTOSHOOT: Lakeside Rose Gardens, April 21, 4-8 pm, Makeup Day April 22, 6-7 pm.

Arrive camera-ready and wearing your formal wear. (If you do not have your formal wear, any dress clothing will work!)  Photos can take between 5-20 minutes, but typically it's a quick process. All contestants receive their photo professionally framed upon the conclusion of the pageant as our gift.

-REHEARSAL: May 6, 6:30 pm

Not mandatory, but strongly encouraged. This rehearsal is to get contestants comfortable with the stage, learn their "on stage question", and lineup. If you cannot attend, we will forward your onstage question and lineup so that you can prepare. Rehearsal takes place at our 2901 North Clinton location.

-PAGEANT: May 8, 2:00 pm

The big day! We ask that contestants arrive no later than 1:30.


4.  Fund-Raising


Our Magical Bagged Lunch fundraiser!!!

This is a great one for businesses! We'll deliver lunch for orders of $100 or more!

Orders are due in by April 8th - Order HERE!



Every dollar goes towards those in need in Allen County, so we expect all contestants to be part of this. If it's $1 or $1,000, it's important for contestants to give back. The limits are only your ideas! First, we recommend setting up an online account so that people can donate to you online. Just click on this link https://donate.salvationarmyindiana.org/campaign/queen-of-charities-2021/c321179 and go to “Become a Fundraiser”.


*One of the most popular fund-raising techniques is selling ad space for the program. Ad space is tax-deductible; our event program is full-color.  You will find an enclosed pdf attached for ad sales.


*We also provide one counter kettle to each contestant, so if you have a business that will allow you to set it out for donations.


*Otherwise, online auctions, bake sales, discount cards, lunches at businesses/offices...the sky is the limit!


*We also encourage you to talk to other contestants for ideas. This is unlike other pageants, in that our contestants are supportive and encouraging in seeing each other succeed, so feel free to reach out.

There is also a group that loves to share and encourage ideas for the pageant. Their page is here:


5. No one EVER walks away empty-handed, ever. We have a variety of awards we give out, from fund-raising levels to Miss Congeniality.

*Please note, that although fund-raising is 25% of your score, it does not guarantee a title of your division. We also combine 25% for the creativity of theme, 25% for personality, and 25% for poise. In addition to QOC titles, we crown "Supremes" for all fund-raisers over $1,000 for their amazing efforts, "Golden Supremes" for those over $2,000, Grand Supreme for the 2nd highest fund-raiser, and Ultimate Grand Supreme for the Highest Fundraiser.


6. If you have any questions, regardless of how trivial they may seem, please reach out to me at my enclosed email, or Jama.Smith@usc.salvationarmy.org or Cara.Smith@usc.salvationarmy.org. Either of us can help you. First-year pageant contestants especially have nerves, but you'll find that this is a very laid-back system and everyone truly wants you to just enjoy the process and the change you're making in the community!


We look forward to having you this year and will be announcing contestants on our page next week.








Eligibility Guidelines

  • A fundraiser for individuals who are interested in making a difference in their community through charitable works.
(260) 744-2311
Director of Resource Development: Jama.Smith@usc.salvationarmy.org

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