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The Salvation Army is for the whole family Image

The Salvation Army is for the whole family

A Fountain of Hope for Families 

The Salvation Army is currently providing long-term case management for families and we have seen three families successfully move from a place of active poverty to self- sufficiency 

How we help equip families

Pathway of Hope:

As a forerunner in social service, The Salvation Army is introducing an intensive case management program. This intensive case management program will look at the whole person incorporating, job training, life-skill building, spiritual components and much more. Apart from the traditional method of case management that sought only to see a person in crisis, but did nothing to target the root cause of issues. This former method often left people hurt, but the receiver and the giver.  Pathway of Hope is seeking to break the chains of generational poverty by meeting poverty at its source. We want families to feel in control and empowered to changed their lives, that is the heart and mission of pathway of hope.




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