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The Salvation Army Fountain Square

Sports League


The Salvation Army Fountain Square

1337 Shelby St

Indianapolis, IN 46203


For questions about the league call Sherie at 317-954-6043

or  Sherie.Travasciogreen@usc.salvationarmy.org

Pay Here

Register Your Team Here For Men's Basketball League 

Men's League Open Roster Registration  

Open roaster is for those who do not have a team, but would like to still play in the men's league. Those who register in the open roaster will be placed on a team together. Space is limited in the open roster. 

 2021 Fall Men's League 8/15/21 - 10/3/21 REGISTATION NOW OPEN

2020 Fall Men's League Champion's 317

2021 Winter Men's League Champion's 317

2021 Men's Spring League Champion's 317


We are now taking registrations for the 2021 fall Men's League.  

Rules and Regulations for men's league


1.  Players must 18 and over to play in the men's league.  roster spot available for one high schooler with parental consent

2. Profanity will not be permitted while inside facility, first offense will result in a  warning,  further offenses  may result in a technical foul.

3. No roster changes are allowed after the 2nd game unless you can prove that a player had a season-ending injury

4. League fees are $50 per player and must be paid in full in order to play in the 1st game.

5. Forfeits-  If a team forfeits twice in a session, it will be ineligible for the playoffs. 

6. Games will consist of two 20-minute halves. The clock will stop on timeouts and the last 30 seconds of the first half.

    In the final two-minutes of the second half the clock will stop in dead ball situations, unless one team is ahead by

    more than 20 points. Then the rest of the game will be continuous running clock. The clock will always stop on

    injuries and timeouts. Half-time will be 3 minutes.

7. Each team will receive two timeout per half; these do not carry over. An official’s timeout shall be called in case of a

     serious emergency or injury and it shall be the judgment of the referee that will determine the length of the timeout taken.

8. Two officials will work each game.

9.  A technical foul will result in a $5 fine that must be paid before the player can re-enter the game.

10. Flagrant or unnecessarily hard fouls may result in an automatic ejection and a technical foul.

11.  A player must play in at least 3 regular season games in order to be eligible for the playoffs.

12. Players- A team may start a game with four players but may not use players from another team.  In addition, the games will

      start on time.  If the teams or players are not ready for play, the clock will start anyway, as if the game has started in a proper manner.

13. Jersey numbers on front and back are preferred.  Numbers must be permanent.

14. Failure to abide by the rules and regulations for the league and community center will result in player and team

     suspension from the league. Although we promote and encourage a competitive basketball league, we do not do

     so at the cost of violating the reputation of the Salvation Army or the character for which it stands.

15. In the event of a tie at the end of the second half, an overtime period of 2 minutes shall be played during which

     the clock shall be stopped on all whistles in the final minute. If, at the end of the overtime period, the score is still tied, the 2nd OT will be sudden death.

16. Results from head to head competition will be the tie breaker for determining the seeds in the playoffs and

     regular season standings. If there is a three or more way tie, total point spread will be the tie-breaker.

17. A waiver must be signed by each player before playing.

*Dates are subject to change. 

1. Register your Team for Youth Basketball 

2. Register Your Player for Youth Basketball League 

The Salvation Army Youth League 2021 Winter schedule will be: 1/20/21 - 3/3/21.*  

Due to COVID-19 and city of Indianapolis restrictions on public gatherings teams will not be allowed to have more than 8 players and 2 coaches. Spectating will only be allowed if we do not exceed the regulations in place by the city of Indianapolis at the time of play. Players will be expected to wear a mask while not in play, coaches will need to wear a mask at all times.  Players can register in the link above.