Never Miss a Chance to Do the Most Good

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Never Miss a Chance to Do the Most Good

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“Dare to enter the darkness Image

“Dare to enter the darkness

to bring another into the light"
—Tony Kirwan, Destiny Rescue Founder & International President

Local Sex Trafficking Stories


Beyond Behaviors: Understanding and Advocating for the Sex Trafficking Awareness of the Community

by Kristal Knudtson / June 2019

“We will never arrest our way out of the sex trafficking problem. We need the community to be aware, and we need people to understand that these are not boys and girls that woke up one day and said, ‘I want to grow up to be a prostitute.’  These are people that are victimized, that have been victimized/abused early in their life and are sucked into the sex trafficking world by a predator.  They continue to be abused, addicted to drugs, and killed with absolutely no regard.”

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“As long as people are willing to pay for sex trafficking, it is going to continue. We need to stop the buyers from buying.”

by Kristal Knudtson / June 2019

Imagine you are making plans with your child one day, and the next day she is missing. It’s every parents nightmare. Is she okay? Where did she go? Who took her? Why did they take her? Some parents get to find out these answers, and some don’t.

Molly was a victim of sex trafficking.  Her parents, sadly, were not able to be there for her when she was rescued because they had passed away. Even after being abducted, losing her parents, Molly is a fighter as she beat the odds of living after being trafficked.  You see, once a person is forced into the world of sex trafficking, the average life span is 7 years. Molly was abducted when she was at a party with her friends at the age of 18, and she was rescued 10 years later. Her story is hopeful…

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A John Rescued Her From Sex Trafficking At The Age Of 13

by Kristal Knudtson / June 2019

Sheena, age 13, was at a friend’s house with a few other girls when a man came into the house and took only her. She did not know him and he did not know her, but the red flags were there and he now had another victim of sex trafficking.

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Exploiting the Myths of Human Trafficking

What you can do?


1. Watch videos online, read news articles, read books (resources listed at the bottom of this page)

APPLETON, WI – INNOCENCE SOLD features three short films: the story of Sabrina, a high-school student lured into sex trafficking; her trafficker, Matt; and her friend, Andrea. Filmed in the Fox Valley, WI area to educate young people about the dangers of sex trafficking.

The 5-Stones original film project was produced by Catherine Tatge of Global Village Media, Inc. In association with Rustic Media.


2. Attend more presentations & events

(Click on image above to take you to the website)


3. Share Information in your community

Click here for downloadable campaign materials


4. Follow anti-trafficking organization on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

(Click on image above to take you to the website)


5. Know the red flags: 


Sign up for action alerts or participate in the advocacy efforts of nonprofits such as Eye Heart World or POLARIS



The Others Program was is owned by The Salvation Army and started to give others skills, pride, hope and independence. There are many women who have been rescued from Sex Trafficking, Human Trafficking, and Poverty who are able to use this program to prevent them from going back to that lifestyle. 

Others is a commercial enterprise, where the most important values are those of connecting people across borders, and creating opportunities for others. We call it “Trade for Hope”.

SHOP To Support Others Program

Read Below Or Click Here To Learn More


Behind every single product from Others lies a unique story – of skills, pride, hope and independence.
Producers are recruited through The Salvation Army’s local programs in Bangladesh, Kenya, Pakistan and Moldova.



is a commercial enterprise, owned by The Salvation Army. Our operations follow ordinary business practice, but all proceeds go back into developing the concept and creating more jobs. The supply chain varies in accordance with the varied nature of our products and our sales channels, and so it's not possible to identify a fixed portion of the price of each individual product that goes back to the producer. But at the bottom of each price calculation is a guaranteed fair wage for the producer. In this way our products are comparable to "fair trade" products. Salaries are determined with reference to local standards and are regularly reviewed. 

The main goal of OTHERS is creating employment. The core of the concept is that each product that you buy contributes to the creation of fairly compensated work for people who would otherwise have limited opportunities. Production units are in many cases linked with The Salvation Army's community development programs, where producers receive necessary counselling and support.



1. OTHERS will operate in accordance with The Salvation Army`s values.
This includes care and respect for all human beings.
2. OTHERS’ trading activities will be characterized by solidarity, equality and fairness.
3. OTHERS’ products will, as far as possible, be procured through activities administered by The Salvation Army in developing countries.
4. All producers who work for OTHERS will be given fair compensation and support to improve their quality of life. OTHERS will seek to empower producers to develop an independent life with opportunities for healthy and safe alternatives outside of OTHERS.
5. OTHERS will seek to select the most appropriate partners to meet its goals. OTHERS will influence its partners to promote fair trade.
6. OTHERS will base its activities on profitability. Profit is necessary to secure access to resources, development and economic sustainability.
7. OTHERS will be characterized by openness in all its activities.


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