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Loving Your Neighbors

in gratitude

Loving Your Neighbors...in gratitude!

Our own local influencers, Major David Minks, Commanding Officer for The Salvation Army Fox Cities, talks about The Salvation Army and loving your Neighbors in gratitude.

From The Desk Of The Majors

Dear Friends,

Recently, I have pondered the phrase from the Salvation Army’s Territorial Leadership: “More people, More like Jesus.” At first glance, it seems to be a campaign to grow the organization. Is this a call for more volunteers, more donors, greater programs, all demanding greater results? It seems logical as we find businesses always looking to grow the bottom line. I, like many Americans, share this philosophical thinking. But those who have a keen mind will see a deeper truth, and that reflects a founding principle of the Salvation Army: “Others.” It was a one word order from the general sent over 100 years ago by telegraph to leaders around the world. The “more people” phrase is comparable, reminding us that life is not more about self, but more about “others.”

The second part of the phrase, “More like Jesus,” takes on multiple meanings, too. It is a life commitment to live apart from the vices that devour the soul. Through the centuries, people have struggled with addictions, violence, exploitation, injustice; the Salvation Army believes that our actions can make a difference. We are called to live a life more like Jesus. The Salvation Army’s mission is to reach out to all who are troubled, all who are challenged. We are to show love like Jesus. This world today is filled with people living in dire circumstances and personal hells. We are to be committed to living this world like Jesus did without discrimination. To many in the Salvation Army, this phrase, “more like Jesus,” goes even deeper: it is cherished personal faith.

As you serve suffering humanity, I challenge you to understand what this phrase means. I have found this to be my greatest joy.

God Bless You,

Majors David and Shanda Minks

Thank you to our generous community, we assisted 1,980 households!

 (Total People: 7,310 people. Total Children 4,511)

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