Salvation Army Food Deliveries Are Like the Best Christmas Gifts I Ever Received

May 19, 2020

On two dates in the past month, The Salvation Army Elgin Corps Community Center, along with their partners, packed and delivered food and home goods to the doorsteps and porches of 170 seniors, allowing them to stay safe in their houses during this pandemic. The Elgin corps community center has received many thanks for these deliveries, including this special thank you from one recipient named Verna.

Thank you for all the wonderful good things that you do for everyone. Thank you for the two times that you and several other organizations got together and delivered much-needed boxes of food and household goods to we elderly folks. Thank you all so very much because as we age, it is more difficult to get out, and we have already been cooped up all winter. Just as we are getting ready to go back out again, we are hit with this COVID-19 that has knocked the whole world to its knees.


In all my 78 years, I have never seen anything like this before. Many other dear old folks are much worse than me, but I will say, they sure got me scared! We old folks are forbidden to go out, especially like myself that have underlying conditions like high blood pressure, so that's why it means so very, very much to us to get a CARE PACKAGE.


When the second lady came on the 24th of April, I wrote a note to her to please take back for your nice Salvation Army the box and nice Menard's canvas bag that I know you can re-use to keep up your good work. I'm an old person that doesn't waste anything and never throws anything good away. "Waste not, want not," the old folks say.


This second box had many wonderful things in it as well. Eggs and fresh produce, things I could not buy for myself. For me, it was like getting the biggest Christmas gift I ever received in my life. That box had all kinds of things that everyone can use. Thanks to all of you again.


Love, Verna

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