The Weekly Word: Small Gestures & Large Impacts

Jan 23, 2020

Thank you to The Salvation Army client who shared this story & wishes to remain anonymous.

I have Fibromyalgia, Lupas, Raynaud’s Disease, Nerve pain and horrible stomach pain which prevents me from eating. Doctors have done several tests on me in the past but they cannot pinpoint the problem. I lost 140 pounds while they have worked to find a diagnosis. I was on a stomach tube for almost 3 months because I could not eat or keep anything down. I have tried to eat my favorite foods but just cannot due to the pain it causes me.

          I have no income except for food stamps. My doctor sent a letter to the Social Security offices to inform them about my disabilities but I have yet to receive Social Security Disability for a couple years. I turned in my initial request for a court hearing but had to inquire about it after many months of not receiving any updates. Eventually they told me that I would have to re-file, stating I did not have an open case. I went to the Social Security Administration office in person and spoke to the same person who took my first request. She remembered me and began to look for my paperwork. After a few minutes she came back and had found it had been sitting in the back lost for the last few months. My hearing should have happened by now but I have to wait facing this pain every day because of a mistake I do not understand. I was frustrated and needed help from somewhere in my life.

          I initially contacted The Salvation Army for rental assistance. I then learned of their assistance with food. I shared my medical conditions with them and they let me try a protein drink that their food pantry had. I was able to keep it down and enjoyed it! 

I got a letter from my doctor stating that I am supposed to have a certain amount of protein a day and shared this with The Salvation Army. Since then, they have been providing me with all the protein drinks I need, every two weeks. This is something that my food stamps would not cover. Since I have been receiving the protein drinks from The Salvation Army I have not lost any more weight, I have not had to have a feeding tube or be hooked up to IV to give me fluids and my hair has quit falling out! I wish to thank all the people and business that donate to The Salvation Army for all of your help and support, I do not know what I would have done without all of the assistance I have received from them. Thank You, each and every one of you, so much!

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