Meet the Majors!

Mar 7, 2024

Majors Maureen and R.C. have a wealth of experience and skills that they bring to Fulton Heights. 


Major Maureen Diffley

Major Maureen Diffley serves as corps officer with her husband, Major R.C. Duskin in Grand Rapids. Maureen was born and raised in New Jersey, she met The Salvation Army while doing a year of study abroad in Russia as a college student. Upon graduation, she joined a start-up ministry team that developed a community response to HIV/AIDS and addiction in southern Russia. Prior to entering full-time ministry, she was a social worker in New York City.

Since being commissioned as a Salvation Army officer in 2005, Major Diffley has gotten to do street youth outreach and community church development in Moscow, HIV/AIDS social services management in southern Russia, national leadership with logistics, finance, projects and programs in Ukraine, church and social services ministry in Tbilisi, Georgia, student ministries in Florida, program development at the Territorial Headquarters in Atlanta, and corps and community center appointments in Maryville and Memphis, TN.

Major Diffley has an MSW from Virginia Commonwealth University and an MA in Christian Education from Union Presbyterian Seminary. She enjoys keeping up with her five children, sharing Scripture, enjoying relationships over food and shared ministry, connecting with friends-like-family in Ukraine online, and reminiscing about when she had hobbies.


Major R.C. Duskin

Major R.C. Duskin serves as corps officer with his wife, Major Maureen Diffley in Grand Rapids. R.C. was born in Michigan and moved with his family as his parents became Salvation Army officers in 1989. While in college studying chemistry he took summer mission trips with The Salvation Army to Chile, Zambia and Ukraine. Upon his return from Ukraine, he took Russian at the local university and sought ways to continue serving in Eastern Europe. In the spring of 2022, an opportunity came available for serving in Finland with The Salvation Army Institute for Officers Training for Eastern Europe. Since being commissioned as a Salvation Army officer in 2005, Major Duskin has overseen the finances for The Salvation Army in the Republic of Georgia, and served in corps and community center appointments in Eau Claire, WI; Norfolk, NE; Cadillac and Grand Rapids, MI.

Major Duskin has an MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University. He enjoys keeping up with his five children, enjoying music (playing, singing and listening), study of Scripture, enjoying sports with his children, and reminiscing about when he had hobbies.

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