Captains Caleb & Stephanie Senn


The Salvation Army celebrates their 150th Anniversary!

The Salvation Army, a Christian organization, has been providing spiritual ministry, emergency assistance for basic needs, and programs for children and families in Genesee County since July 26, 1893. 
For 124 years, The Salvation Army of Genesee County has continued William Booth’s work by  assisting with the most basic spiritual and physical needs. Families who are in the process of losing their homes to evictions or foreclosures, or residents who are struggling to keep food on the table or pay their utility or water bills know they can turn to The Salvation Army for help. Thousands of Genesee County’s residents have been helped by the Army since 1893 and tens of thousands more have helped the Army in its mission to share the love of God through service to others. Thank you for enabling us to "Do the Most Good".

Captains Caleb & Stephanie Senn will serve as the Salvation Army officers for the coming years.  Captains Caleb B. and Stephanie L. Senn are co-leaders of The Salvation Army in the Flint & Genesee County area and reside in Grand Blanc with their 2 sons.  Captains Caleb and Stephanie will serve as the Flint Citadel Corps Officers and Captain Caleb will also serve as the Genesee/Shiawassee Regional Commander. The Captains prior appointment was with The Salvation Army Dearborn Heights location. "I'm excited to meet with those who have worked to create a stellar community in the greater Flint area. My vision is for The Salvation Army to continue to connect and engage with the ongoing growth efforts of this exciting community." stated, Captain Caleb

Last year, The Salvation Army provided COMPREHENSIVE EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE to 1,074 households - approximately 2,462 residents - in Genesee County.  261 households received eviction prevention services ● 723 households received utility (energy) shut-off prevention assistance  ● 90 households received miscellaneous services (bus passes, water shut-off prevention assistance, referrals for vision services, etc.) ●61 percent or984 families were requesting assistance for the first time. Our CHRISTMAS ASSISTANCE PROGRAM provided 555 Genesee County families (1,414 individuals) with: 555 holiday meal packages, enough to feed a family for five days ●3,783 toys and stocking stuffers ● 1,864 items of clothing including pairs of hats, gloves, socks, undergarments and pajamas. The COATS FOR KIDS PROGRAM provided ove 800 warm winter coats which were distributed to Genesee County children between November 2016 and January 2017.


The Salvation Army of Genesee County is a United Way agency and a member of the Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce.