CSB in Rockford, IL
12 March 2016
The Chicago Staff Band returned to Rockford for the first time since 2001.
Music, Ministry & Mentorship - TYB/TYC
05 February 2016
The third annual Territorial Youth Band and Chorus Retreat took place at the new Central Territorial Headquarters in Hoffman Estates, IL.
CSB sounds new era with Seasons concert
17 December 2015
After a welcome and prayer by CSB Executive Officer Colonel Jeffrey Smith, the second Burgmayer piece came in the form of Ascalon Remix.
Music: Just the Hook for Himes
04 December 2015
Indeed, each of us has our own “Bill Himes moments.” His music has lifted our spirits and moved our hearts. His testimony has strengthened our faith.
CMI: So Much More Than Music
02 December 2015
From the baton’s first down beat until the final choral amen, Central Music Institute (CMI) proved again it was “the place to be”
01 December 2015
With the move of THQ from Des Plaines, IL to Hoffman Estates, IL, the Chicago Staff Band has also relocated to a new room.
Territorial Youth Band & Chorus Visit Blue Man Group
06 November 2015
Experiencing a LIVE performance of THE BLUE MAN GROUP, SATURDAY, JANUARY 16, 2016!
2015 Chicago Staff Band Thanksgiving Concert
06 November 2015
2015 Thanksgiving Concert With Special Guest, Trombone Soloist Paul Woodward Saturday, November 28, 2015 7:00pm, Edman Chapel - Wheaton, Illinois
CSB in Keokuk, IA
19 October 2015
This past weekend marked the inaugural weekend out for the CSB under the baton of our new bandmaster, Dr. Harold Burgmeyer.
Christmas in Kid City
08 October 2015 | Author: Meghan Pierson
Children's Music Corner Resources
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