Grace Place Story

Aug 15, 2018

Grace Place Story

Grace Place Shelter opened its doors to the community 14 years ago this November.  Grace Place has served as a temporary home for many families in St. Croix County needing emergency shelter and has served the community in its Somerset location to the best of its ability but in 2013, an increase of 47% has been noted and unfortunately more than 100 families had to be turned away, prompting the Grace Place crew to consider expanding to meet the community and space needs. Through the good will and generosity of Presbyterian Homes, a multi-unit structure was offered as a donation to The Salvation Army, creating an opportunity to relocate Grace Place to New Richmond, and move forward with expanded rooms and services, including the ability to house up to 64 individuals.

In January of 2014, the deal was done and the structure became the new Grace Place.  Work began on the building almost immediately in order to convert the new space into a home for homeless families needing temporary shelter.  First a group of dedicated volunteers got to work raising the funds needed to do the upgrades.  The Grace Place Capital Campaign committee was able to raise the $200,000 needed plus to get the new building renovated.  Many individuals and businesses donated to the capital campaign over the last year.  Then beginning in the summer months, volunteers began to show up for work days and contributed over 7,000 hours of volunteer time in order to completely renovate the building.  Thanks to the efforts of the Capital Campaign Committee and the many Volunteers, Grace Place officially opened the doors to the community October 11, 2014. 

The goal of Grace Place Shelter is to promote self-sufficiency by providing a safe and secure environment, giving individuals the opportunity to overcome unresolved issues. Through education, individuals are encouraged to be responsible for themselves and others. During their 30-90 day stay we identify any immediate needs and develop a housing stabilization plan for the family. Our extensive program empowers individuals and families to become independent, creating a safer community for all of us.

Grace Place serves residents in St. Croix County and surrounding counties. The Pierce/St. Croix Housing Resource Network, United Way of St. Croix County, and The Salvation Army founded and support Grace Place along with the many generous donors who live and work in the community.

Grace Place is not just a shelter, it is a program that impacts and changes lives.  The program belongs to the community who support it by finanically supporting and volunteering each and every day.  We are proud of our facility and the efforts we make everyday to impact lives for the better and help to create stronger futures for individuals and families in need. 

To Learn More about a Stay at Grace Place, Click Here

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