Asian American Heritage Month Highlight: The Multicultural Community in Farmington Hills

May 23, 2024

*Members of the multicultural community at the Farmington Hills Corps Community Center

May is Asian American Heritage month. As such, The Salvation Army would like to recognize our vibrant Asian American community in the Great Lakes Division. Notably, the multicultural group that has been going strong for 13 years.

Originally called The Filipino Fellowship, the group meets monthly at The Salvation Army Farmington Hills Corps Community Center and members’ homes and includes a potluck. They describe their group as “a gathering of Filipinos and other cultures to have fun, food and fellowship and to know what is happening in the world according to God's Word.”

It was started by Majors Romeo and Evelyn Alip, who are from the Philippines. It began meeting in 2012 at the Great Lakes Divisional Headquarters and later moved to the Farmington Hills Corps Community Center, with large numbers gathering for worship once a month on Sunday evenings.

At the time of its founding, the Alips were Associates at the Farmington Hills Corps Community Center but have since retired. They continue to help maintain the multicultural ministry by helping the Corps officers Capts. Vatthana and Donna Thammavongsa.


*Multicultural group members volunteer as bell ringers

In addition to the bible study, the group is involved in a variety of other activities, such as volunteering as bell ringers during the Christmas season, and music and dance. Major Evelyn Alip currently supervises the Magkapuso (of one heart) Dance and Singing Group with the help of dance instructor, Flor Penner.

They perform in various Asian events such as Laotian New Year, Cambodian New Year, Thai New Year and Korean Festival. They even performed at the Detroit Institute of Arts and at the Capitol in Lansing with senators and representatives in the audience.

* Magkapuso (of one heart) Dance and Singing Group

So, this Asian American Heritage month we at The Salvation Army are proud to recognize multicultural community in Farmington Hills and the enriching activities they offer. If you are inspired by the great work they are doing, you can make a difference in your community too! There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer or donate to The Salvation Army in Michigan.

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