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Our Advisory Board Members

The Green Bay Salvation Army advisory board consists of a wide spectrum of hard-working men and women who share in the vision to transform and restore lives in the city of Green Bay.

Trevor Ferrell
Advisory Board Chair
"Growing up, my family volunteered at The Salvation Army. I've always believed strongly in the positive impact The Army makes in the local community."
Lisa Cribben
Advisory Board Treasurer
"I work with The Salvation Army who sees the significance of all people and works to increase every person's significance through God and service."
Bill Matheson
Advisory Board Vice Chair
James M Ledvina
Advisory Board Past Chair
"It is a privilege to work with an organization that gives so much back to the community and strives to do the most good."
Jeanne Calewarts
Member Since 2007
"I believe life is a journey in which we share our path."
Bill Challoner
Member Since 2012
Reynolds Challoner
Life Member
"The Salvation Army's caring Christian values and services have improved the lives of the clients it has served over my 25 years on the Advisory Board."
Judy Docter
Member Since 2008
"My parents instilled the responsibility of helping others and sharing our blessings, so I am honored to play a part on the board of The Salvation Army"
Dennis Derricks
Member Since 2018
Dawn Foeller
Property Committee Chair
"It makes me feel good to help others, that is why I volunteer and support the Salvation Army in its mission."
Dr. Lane Goolsby
Member Since 2016
Ian Griffiths
Member Since 2017
"Gandhi said "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." The Salvation Army's service to our community speaks to me."
Vanya Koepke
Member Since 2018
"Life is not about what others have not done or have been for you. Rather, life is about what you will do and be for others."
Karen Kollmann
Women's Auxiliary President
Melissa Kotarek
Development Committee Chair
"I desire to exemplify my faith by serving others as Jesus did. We're called to serve the less fortunate, and The Salvation Army serves those in need."
Kerry Kuenzi
Member Since 2018
Curtis E Lewis
Finance Committee Vice Chair
"I dedicate my life to uplifting young people. I serve on the board because I feel The Salvation Army facilitates this goal with its focus on families."
Mavis Martens
Life Member
Tom Meinz
Legacy Group President
John Murphy
Member Since 2018
Missy Steffek
Member Since 2019
"Volunteering is a virtue passed on by my parents, and an important part of my life that I strive to share with my family."
Troy Vosburgh
Member Since 2009
"I am happy to give back and help those in need and honored to represent Festival Foods as one of the largest sources of Red Kettle donations in WI."
Captains Matt and Mindie O'Neil
Member Since 2018
Lieutenants Jake and Jessica Turner
Member Since 2017