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?Hungry? is no way to spend childhood.

Providing a meal can bring hope into someone's life

The Salvation Army nourishes the hunger and spirits of those in need providing daily meals to anyone.

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Each night in the U.S., 17.4 million families go to bed hungry.

An additional 6.9 million families experience very low food security. That means they don't always know where their next meal is coming from.

The Salvation Army feeds an average of 156,000 meals every single day.

The programs that provide these meals serve everyone without discrimination; whether it is homeless people of all ages, or individuals and families who may be facing hard times need of some extra assistance. In addition to addressing the immediate symptoms of food insecurity, our programs are designed to help identify and treat its root cause. Over time, this holistic approach to the physical, mental and spiritual needs of each person helps moves many from 'hungry' to 'fully healed.'

Hunger is curable. You can help.

Your gift of can help provide to someone in need.

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We feed the hungry in our communities
through many programs and services:

Food Pantries

By offering access to free fresh produce and canned goods, we provide valuable meal supplementation while helping those in need maintain their independence and dignity. These programs are especially crucial in "food deserts," where entire communities lack access to a grocery store.

Feeding Programs

From sit-down programs that provide nutritious, hot meals and valuable human interaction, to mobile meals that deliver much-needed sustenance to those who cannot reach a food distribution center, to feeding programs across our hundreds of shelters and residential facilities, we help ensure that the most vulnerable members of society do not go hungry.

Localized Creative Services

Your local Salvation Army knows the community it serves is unique. We are constantly identifying new ways to offer hunger relief.
These creative solutions have helped by feeding a wider variety of our local population, more efficently utlizing our pantry stocks or donations, and even by creating new partnerships that strenghten our other services with hunger assistance. Reach out to your local Salvation Army and learn what new ways they are meeting the needs of hunger around your community.

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followers to educate and inspire change.

Hunger hurts children the most.

In the United States, 20% (15.3 million) of children under age 18 face food insecurity on a regular basis. That means 1 out of every 5 children experiences prolonged hunger.

A donation to The Salvation Army feeds children in your community. Make an Impact.


Food insecurity is everywhere.

Every day, more than 48 million Americans face the threat of hunger. This occurs in every county in the United States.

The Salvation Army provides food in almost every zip code in America. Make an Impact.


Families face the greatest threat.

19% of all American households with children are food insecure.

35% of households headed by single women are food insecure.

26% of black non-Hispanic households are food insecure.

22% of Hispanic households are food insecure

The Salvation Army provides hot meals and food boxes for families in need. Make an Impact.


Wherever there is hunger, you'll find
The Salvation Army, feeding people
and meeting needs.

Watch how The Salvation Army works to feed the body and the soul.

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