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National Salvation Army Week Image

National Salvation Army Week

- Our History of Doing The Most Good alongside You -

For over 60 years we have been sharing a week long celebration of heritage, history, achievements and future goals with our communities. The second week of May is known around the country as National Salvation Army Week. The festivities during this week of observance bring us together to look back at what we have been able to do and look ahead to what change we want to create. It is truly special time to praise those who make our work possible, bring new believers into the folds of our worship, and connect with new community partners to establish continued success and love across the country. 

How did this tradition start?

In 1954, President Dwight D. Eisenhower declared this week to be National Salvation Army Week. Being one of the six original United Service Organizations (USO), it was declared a week to honor and join in the Army's service mission. At the time, our work had been active across the United States for 75 years! Since then, The Salvation Army's goal has remained strong, but our methods of Doing The Most Good grown and evolved. All week long we will be highlighting these efforts to continue our work of meeting those in need and creating change. You can show your support and join us for National Salvation Army Week.


Doing The Most Good Then, Now & Tomorrow!

Celebrating the history of The Salvation Army is essential during this week of national recognition, but what is essential for our work taking place here in this community? 

Behind all of the successful programs and services that we provide are supporters just like you!

Without our communities, The Salvation Army mission would never take root to help those in need. Your support is what makes our mission successful and it is what truly lies behind the long history of our organization. Donors, volunteers, partners, partnering businesses, staff members, officers and countless others who join The Salvation Army in any capacity are all a part of what this week celebrates!

It is never too late to discover your place within The Salvation Army. You can join the many others around you who are bringing our mission to life every day for local neighbors in need. Contact Us today in order to find out how you can help continue to keep the impactful and historical work of The Salvation Army meeting the greatest need around you.