Music & The Performing Arts In The Heartland

Mar 6, 2019

The sound of music is alive here in the Heartland Division and we couldn't be more inspired to continue our growth! While The Salvation Army brass band has been seen and heard by many, but today we want to share our youth music and arts programs with you. Our initiative to teach and inspire creativity is carried out through after-school music lessons, preforming arts and music school programs, and our incredible summer music camp. During these services we are able to connect with the kids of our communities and share in special moments of creative and free expression. 

Most recently, these beautiful moments of learning came from our divisional Music and Gospel Arts School. Children came together to play instruments, sing spiritual songs, and learn a variety of other visual arts skills from our dedicated Salvation Army family and officers that love to spread their passion for music and arts. All involved were so proud of the day that they wanted to share some of the memories with everyone. Our youth students created this video themselves and we hope you enjoy:

We want nothing more than to expand these moments to give more kids access to experiences like this across our division, and with the support of our communities we will be able to in the future. The demand is here in the Heartland division for more arts programs, all we need is more focused support from those around us. One of the most critical people spreading the word and working towards this goal is our beloved Band Master, Peter Kim.

"We want to build their self-esteem. The youth will come, and we can plant a seed for the growth of God's light in them."

But for these programs to expand and flourish, Peter knows that gift such as new instruments, sponsorships for children to attend these affordable opportunities, and support from our community are all things that will make his dream a reality. You can show your support for Band Master Kim's vision by donating or simply spreading the word to others and sharing this story. Whatever you can do to help The Salvation Army's mission, we thank you! Also make sure to look for the full details of Peter's plan on our Facebook page in the near future. 

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