The Salvation Army Prepares a Unified Response to Hurricane Ida

Aug 30, 2021

Hurricane Ida touched down on the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Just as our mission was prepared to serve then, The Salvation Army stands ready to serve those in need now!

Our Emergency Disaster Services are always training and staying equipped for the unknown. As Hurricane Ida's impacts reach the men, women and children all along the United States' gulf coast - The Salvation Army is preparing to provide for both the immediate and long term needs in these communities. The combined EDS efforts of many local Salvation Army units will work to give food, water, clothing, clean-up assistance, emotional/spiritual care and so much more.

The Salvation Army is uniquely equipped to offer support in the wake of such a disaster because of the unified approach that carries out our EDS work. The dedicated disaster services staff and countless volunteers who execute these relief services will come from all around the country to serve a disaster of this magnitude. This mass mobilization of our mission is truly life changing as we work to provide for Hurricane survivors now, and throughout the long road to recovery and healing.

Here in the Heartland Division, we are proud to say that many EDS volunteers are reaching out to join the Fight For Good that The Salvation Army will be bringing to the communities touched by Hurricane Ida's damages. It is estimated that scope of these damages will be widespread and so we are encouraging more volunteers to contact us if they wish to help in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida.

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Thank you to all who give their support in any way to these relief efforts. The Salvation Army's mission directly meets the needs of hurricane survivors and facilitates long term community healing - and it is all because of local supporters like you!

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