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The Salvation Army Needs Your Help to Change Lives Image

The Salvation Army Needs Your Help to Change Lives

We believe the greatest need in Henry county is showing people Gods love. We see so many hurting lonely people that don't believe God could love them  because of addictions, abuse and their past. We see broken people that need Jesus. If we can show people Gods love by providing them  with basic needs like food, clothing and shelter it will let them know we love them and so does God. For .19 cents you can provide a pound of meat for a struggling family through our pantry. Some of our people need warm clothes or a coat to keep them warm. Maybe you would like to help a homeless person have a warm place to stay. We want to be here walking along side the hurting people helping them change their lives. All of these things show Gods love to the hurting people in Henry county. Please help us make a change in someones life and in our community.  

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Changing Lives

We had an elderly gentleman come in for food. His wife was very ill and they lived on a fixed income, they had spent all their money on gas going to docotors, hospital and medicine. He felt he was all alone and he had no idea what to do. He started talking and crying he needed someone to talk to and thank God we were there. We gave him food and showed him how to cook it but the most important thing he received that day was Jesus, he was saved that day. He now volunteers three days a week for us. He also shares his testimony with everyone.

I know we have so many generous people in Henry county . I believe people want to help but they just don't know how. It is amazing how a small donation can change someones live forever. If you would like to see your money at work please feel free to come in and take a tour of our building and see what we do ever day to help our brothers and sisters in Henry county.

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