Discovering Talents at Camp

Aug 15, 2019

With newfound confidence, our young friends explore the great outdoors in a safe, high energy, loving environment.

Our summer camp program includes experiential learning choices, theme based activities, nature encounters, group games, Bible teaching, arts and crafts and more! When we add archery, laser tag, our new pool with giant water slide, the climbing tower with zip lines and team building challenges...the result, as Tori and several other campers found, is riveting adventure!

Tori often struggled to make friends. She was quiet, shy and kept to herself. At The Salvation Army's Hiawatha Camp, however, she and dozens of her fellow campers received lessons in public speaking, music, acting and even leading a worship service, which boosted Tori's confidence and she grew into a spiritual leader.

"Now I understand what it means to have a voice," says Tori.


Each day at camp is a new opportunity as our campers develop meaningful relationships and discover new talents and interests through experiences that, for many, are simply not available outside of a camp environment.

In fact, many of the kids who attend our summer camp have never been out of the city. At camp, they are shown a world away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and are provided the opportunity to discover God's beautiful creation.

Thanks to a session at camp, children can bring home a sense of pride, persistence and hope for the future.  


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