Seniors Experience a Bond of Fellowship

Sep 23, 2019

“We have this bond of fellowship that allows us to come together and lets everyone know that they are loved.”

At many Corps Community Centers across the Western Michigan Northern Indiana Division, The Salvation Army has purposely created a wide variety of opportunities for seniors to take part in programs and activities that answer the need for community, socialization and fellowship. Loneliness and feelings of isolation can lead to serious consequences for senior health – including increased risk of mortality, long-term illnesses, depression and dementia. Based on an internal survey of participants at The Salvation Army senior program in Grand Rapids, a full 96% of seniors who regularly attend the program do so because they are ‘lonely’ and desperately in need of social interaction.

In addition to activities that encourage socialization, we are aware that seniors often need assistance with the planning and preparation of menu items and healthy choices when it comes to nutrition and diet. Often, nutritious hot meals are served in a group setting, offering critical human interaction and fellowship. Personal visits to homebound seniors bring them a sense of belonging and assurance that someone loves them and is looking out for their welfare.

Taking a holistic approach in everything we do, we offer programs and services that benefit both the mind, body and spirit. Low-impact exercise and dance programs, field trips, guest speakers, Bible study, games and entertainment round-out many of the ways we strive to connect with  our local senior and elderly populations to let them know they are loved.

Check out this short video to see how The Salvation Army serves the needs of seniors in one program located in Grand Rapids.


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