The Weekly Word - A Devotion for the Week of July 17

Jul 13, 2023

God is capable of performing great deeds—and we can see His majesty in all things.

In Job 36 and 37, Job’s friend Elihu talks about God’s greatness and highlights many of His attributes. In the first verse in chapter 37, Elihu says, “At this also my heart trembles and leaps out of its place.” He is in such awe of what God can do that his heart literally skips a beat. Sometimes we forget God’s might, but Elihu reminds us to not lose our sense of wonder.

Elihu uses thunder to describe God’s power—not only in verse five, but also in the verses leading up to it: “Keep listening to the thunder of his voice,” he says at one point; and at another, “he thunders with his majestic voice.” Elihu wants to show how powerful God is by using the phenomenon of thunder. When it storms, thunder doesn’t go unnoticed; sometimes, it even scares us and makes us stop what we’re doing in order to listen. Like pausing for the sound of thunder, we should stop and listen when God is speaking to us.

In the second part of the verse, Elihu says that God does things we cannot comprehend. Sometimes we don’t understand why God does certain things and it’s hard to see His hand in the trial and tribulations of our lives. We may not understand the meaning of our pain at the time it’s happening, but with pain comes growth in our lives, and as believers, we need to trust in Him.

The God who built and planned the universe also built and made a plan for your life. Stop and listen to His voice and notice His hand in your story.

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