The Salvation Army Corps (Church-Administrative Offices)

320 E 8th St, Joplin, Missouri
(417) 624-4528


Corps Officers & Administrators

Major Douglas Stearns

417-624-4528 ext. 105

Major Beckie Stearns

417-624-4528 ext. 109


Emergency Case Managers/PoH 

Debra Gaskill

417-624-4528 ext. 102


Evelyn Duvall

417-624-4528 ext. 104


Case Worker

Diana Yeager

417-624-4528 ext. 100


Business Administrator

Regina Duley

417-624-4528 ext. 106


The Salvation Army Joplin Family Store

302 E. 7th St., Joplin, Missouri

Store Manager

Mike Boykin


The Salvation Army Recycling Center

Recycling Center (Warehouse) Supervisor

Contact the Corps  Officer (info above)